Extended Butchery (Organs, Legs etc)

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking of making some changes to butchery drops, and want to get your take on this subject, I’ve seen a couple comments that sounded like interesting changes to drops (getting spider legs, and having insect and animal meat as an example).

This post from @SomeDeadGuy for example What are some things that should be in the Cataclysm? Since most of the giant spiders in the game are around 180lbs, i think their legs and organs and other byproducts could be quite useful.

A quick example of spider anatomy that i think would be useful :

Name {“Spider”};
Body Parts And Organs {
“(1) Cephalothorax - Sternum (chitin, meat)”, “(8) Legs (chitin, meat)”, “(1) Opisthosoma - Abdomen (meat)”, “(2) Chelicera -Fangs”, “(2) Pedipalp - Feelers”, “(6-8) Eyes”, “(1) Brain”, “(1) Heart”, “(1) Silk Gland”, “(4) Book Lung”, “(2) Salivary glands - Venom gland”};
Blood Type {“Hemolymph - Salts, Amino Acids, Proteins, Carbs”};

This isn’t just limited to spiders though, I believe it would be interesting to cover each creature type in a similar style, adding trophies, stories, and so on. Do you think this would be a good addition, or have an idea for improvement?


This would please my pack rat tendencies to unheard of levels


Ah yes, we would be able to not only collect meat and bones, but also make a goal to collect every different body part from every creature as well!


Can also think of missions requiring various monster parts and venoms for scientists/doctor NPCs.

It’ll take forever to dissect each and every monster in the game and come up with their anatomy and implement it, let alone the more otherworldly and eldritch creatures.

Seems like a huge undertaking, but if you can do it, go for it.

Can’t wait to collect netherworld beings and their alien body parts, to ascend myself beyond the cosmos.

Having a stuffed sewer gator for a foot rest would be kind of cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would be cool to have spider legs (and other disgusting things) have terrible taste unless you have “Exotic Eater” trait. Maybe even poisones. Maybe also have survivors note with recepies what can turn disgusting monster parts in to somewhat enjoyeble meal. But by default i want to disgusted by even idea of eating giant pregnant roach.


Post Cataclysm foodies, with recipes to turn spider and cockroach parts into a delectable meal

Would this also include humans, or is that already in the base game, I do not know. If so, this could be expanded upon to have full organ transplants to NPCs and the player. Going so far as to be able to infuse mutated organs and limbs onto a different body.

In addition, I was thinking of an appropriate way to get chemicals that are made in the body added to the game. Things like adrenaline, serotonin, melatonin, I would really like to see a skilled chemist be able to craft these chemicals for use as an alternative to the over the counter meds that can be found all around the world. Perhaps by extending butchery, it would also open a window for extracting these chemicals for later use.

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That’s also what I was thinking, I think the humans butcher loot table includes hearts and brain but if not I’ll add it, I’m currently studying c++ so I definitely want to contribute in more ways then json xD as of right now I’m planning out the changes I want.

@SomeDeadGuy I’ll see if I can do anything with the traits and poisons I havent worked with those yet, but if the documentation is good enough for me to understand i should be able to work it out, and I think I understand c++ enough to work it out.

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please do, simulate every flake of dead skin, not really, but quite honestly butchering is far too magical with the results you get from certain things at the moment, much sillyness.

It is here it came with an update…Brains,livers,etc.

Edit: Didnt come with blood or body parts but just organs…maybe they will add it later

Yeah, I saw that while looking through the json, I’ll just have to do the bugs, I dunno about the nether creatures since nobody really knows what they are and we wont know their anatomy, so I’ll do up some insect meat/scraps, and add things like legs, and fat bodies (the sack where bug fat is stored xD) for the bugs, I’ll make the insect meat repulsive to eat, but healthier then animal meat.