Wet towel and mop


really miss opportunities quickly dry towel and take someone spilled any liquid on the floor.
but perhaps in real life a towel and mop can not be squeezed out after use?
thus it is possible to collect, for example, gasoline spilled on the floor or any other liquid that someone had spilled. wring out the mop, and the question where to pour the liquid - substitute our capacity. it’s so natural and logical. :slight_smile:

we need to command standard command “discharge” in the Control Menu of cloth / mop / towel. Discharge -> to -> container for liquid. voila!
wet towel can be pressed immediately after use, though even under the rain and dry off using it again

Hey, vivat.

This came up earlier and the problem is that we don’t track what surface was mopped up, nor what liquid.

As a result, you’re not likely to get any appreciable quantity of liquid out of the mop. As Rivet commented: “Instructions unclear. Got beverage in my bottle of dirt”.

Also there is the simple fact that a lot of the time the liquid spilled is rather small, with most liquids tracking in units of about 1 cup (some, like alcohol, gasoline, or mutagen are much smaller). For an example of how this may be difficult to do, get yourself a cup of water, now pour it on the floor (or on the dirt, concrete, whatever). Now see how much of that liquid you could actually retrieve with a towel or mop, then ask yourself if you would actually want to drink any such liquids retrieved in such a method.

Of course the idea breaks down when dealing with things like pouring a whole 50-gallon barrel on the ground, but there are a lot more times when a person spills 1-2 units of liquid then any significant amount.

Mutagen is actually the standard 250mL per, last I checked, but yeah. Booze and fuel are smaller.

Well it is, but it shouldn’t be since the flasks you store it in are supposed to be smaller IIRC, they just aren’t due to the current volume system limitations. :stuck_out_tongue: