Welding rig?

Fill it with: Steel frames, engines, jerrycans of gas, solar panels, rope (Seatbelts.)

Actually, I don’t plan on using it for looting missions, because the welding rig is too valuable to risk like that. Instead, I have a specialized flatbed with extra storage space.

The ='s are floor trunks, and the engine is a V8. I mainly use this for hauling logs. The max storage space for each trunk is 400, and each log is 40 volume, so it can carry 130 logs with nothing else in the trunks.

Someone do a tutorial to do it, i never understand solar batteries and that sort of things.

I do, but a tutorial would be nice indeed.

A gas vehicle needs a gas tank.

An electric vehicle needs a storage battery and a solar panel.
More batteries = more gas tanks
More panels = continuously pouring in free gas

I’ve got 4 panels feeding 5 batteries and it’s absolute overkill for my 3k lb car. I stop driving and it goes from (almost full) to (full) instantly, and despite the description the solar panels charge when the weather isn’t ‘sunny’.


Haven’t noticed that. I’ve been saving gas coz I thought my electric car would have energy issues in winter. I guess I’ll just worry about food, then.

Confirmation on it would be great- at this point I only remember at one point going, 'Huh!" because the batteries were charging and it was either ‘cloudy’ or ‘clear’.

It does charge at cloudy, even during storms, albeit slower IIRC. Yet with plenty of panels and batteries the difference won’t be noticeable anyway.

It even charges indoors. Slowly.

I know because I once built an electric car in a garage and couldn’t get it out to charge up. Then I went away and came back in several days and it was 5% charged.

Anyway, I was going to say that welding rigs are findable, if rare. I found one in a garage, though it’s usually easier to craft your own.

You can actually store stuff in the welding rig itself, handy for all your crafting tools, just stand near it and craft away :slight_smile: Also, I had wanted the welding rig to be usable for repairing cauterizing, etc. but could never figure out how to attach the soldier_weld iuse menus to it. Looking at this topic reminded me of this, so if anyone could help me add this feature to the welding rig that would be awesome! I wanted people to have a renewable source of energy for crafting/vehicle construction, and making a vehicle part that could make use of solar panels was what I ended up with. But it’s always bugged me I didn’t get the personal scale repair menus in, so please help if you can.

The only sensible thing I can think of is giving it an iexamine entry, but the vehicle itself overrides that with the vehicle construction menu…

Oh hey, we could hook it up to the same interface you use for vehicle controls (^), and popup a menu from that.

i found like 3 in a garage there not that rare.

I’m actually working on adding the hot plate and welder menus to the RV kitchen and welding rig, so you can use them to repair equipment, heat food, etc. it’s slow going as I don’t have much coding skill, so if you’d like to help check out the pull at https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/3395. I could really use some advice on how to make the game actually call the iuse menu on an item.

Just put it somewhere in your car, add a battery and solar panels and whenever repair is needed: do it. You can repair from inside you car + use stuff lying underneath. It’s fun to disassemble a whole RV and then drive over the spot and outfit your own car “Truck of Death” further.

I think you mean welders, not welding rigs.

In case anyone is interested, I finally finished my PR to improve the welding rig and kitchen unit, and it’s been pulled into the mainline experimental. Now, if you have a welding rig or kitchen unit installed on your vehicle, you can examine them to get the functionality of the welder or hot plate respectively. You can heat up your food with the kitchen unit, repair your metal/plastic/Kevlar equipment with the welding rig, and cauterize your wounds with either one. And all using the power from your vehicle’s storage battery!

Hellz yeah, thanks NW.

NP the real thanks goes to Kevingranade and Atomicdryad for looking at the near-gibberish code I started with and actually figuring out how to make it work.

I dunno what Im doing wrong. Finally got a vehicle welding rig but cant seem to find anywhere on my flatbed truck where Im able to install it. On the motorcycle I see that I can install it on the battery, but I would rather have it on my electric truck for infinite welding power. What are the restrictions for where you can install one of these babies?

I’m not sure… I tend to put a welding rig at the back of my vehicle on the outer surface. That works fine for me. Maybe try adding an extra unit of frame on the back and putting it on that? At least it would be useful as a test.