(Experimental Build 2197) Can't craft vehicle welding rig

I have a fully charged welder, a fully charged makeshift welder, and an uncharged makeshift welder. I also have all the other requirements (recipe, 7/4 mechanics skill, steel frame (which I also repaired), a hammer, a hacksaw, a wrench, welding goggles, a soldering iron, and 5 copper wires.

The construction screen has all the fields correctly green, except for the ‘1 welder or 2 makeshift welders’ line, which is brown. In my experience, that means that ‘you have this item, but it is currently reserved as being used as a tool for the construction of this item’. But in this case, I am planning on using the welder as the component, and the charged makeshift welder as the tool.

So … how do I get around this? Should items used in construction have batteries loaded in them? And do all components of construction need to be in perfect condition? Is there something obvious that I am missing?

You need three Makeshift welders

Recipe says 1 welder or 2 makeshift welders as components, and 1 welder or 1 makeshift welder as tools. Can’t I use one as a tool, and one as an item? Or must it be 2 welders (one consumed) or 3 makeshift welders (2 consumed)? And to further complicate measures… I think (but can’t confirm) that you can use an acetylene welder as a tool, but not a component, so mixing should be possible.

Try to unload one of the makeshift welders (I’m assuming you want to keep the regular welder)

I have tried it with both makeshift welders (and the soldering iron) unloaded, both loaded (and the soldering iron loaded), and one welder loaded, and the other unloaded. None of those combinations work. I also tried it with one of the makeshift welders loaded, and the real welder both unloaded and loaded, to see if using the regular welder as a component instead of a tool would work. It didn’t.

I will see if getting a third makeshift welder would work this in-game evening (currently out of copper wire and heating elements, so will need to loot nearby houses)

It is a bug that was known for some time and was “fixed” at least once.
I can confirm that it still happens - you need at least 2 welders or 3 makeshift welders to craft the rig. Even when you have 2 makeshift and 1 normal welder, you still can’t craft the rig.

Success! I now have a vehicle welding rig! (Needed three makeshift welders, Coolthulhu was right)

Can confirm this bug has been here for a long time.