Can´t craft a vehicle welding rig

I think I have all the requirements. The skills are there. The recipe is there. But when searching for “rig” or “weld” in “&” menu, the welding rig does not show up.

You’ll need Mechanics at level 8 to learn the welding rig from that book.

Thank you. In my last game I had the book, where mechanics 6 was enough. That´s why I was confused.

So no real car fun until mech. 8. :-/

Ya. Had this happened to me a few times. The book said Mec 6 and i had it so i just edited my char and added the recipe. (I don’t consider it cheating considering that’s what the book Mechanical Mastery says) idk that i agree with that the requirements of this. I can only assume this welder is an Arc Welder. It should require some electronics.

I’ve gotten confused with required skills too. Wonder if people would support reformatting book descriptions to break out the recipes by skill level.

I had a weird issue with crafting a vehicle welder myself. I had 3 makeshift welders, since you need the third to put it together. But my third was modified with a car battery holder(i forget the name) and it didn’t recognize it as a applicable tool. So I had to build another and stuff it full of batteries… funny enough it used the one with batteries in the item.

Reviving an old thread here. Is this a bug? I’m having the same issue. The book only trains to level 6, the recipe only requires lvl 4 to craft, but you need lvl 8 to read the recipe from the book???

It sounds like the level needed to craft does not represent the actual skill needed, but rather how much experience you get from doing the crafting. So it’s a level 8 difficulty but only lvl 4 worth of experience? I presume so you can’t use it to grind out fabrication?

I would have no problem editing my char with this recipe. How do I do that?

EDIT: Oh wait, maybe the level to read the recipe is the combination of all skills involved. Electronics 4 + Fab 4 = level 8 to read. Still not sure why it would be like that.

well you can still dismantle/place an existing welding rig onto a car at level 6… so i can only assume the book refers to the structure of the welding rig without actually telling you the specifics of it, so you’d need a bit more real life ‘experience’ in order to actually craft one yourself.

thats how i interpret it anyway.