Weird succession game interest check

The way the game works is people pm me if they want to be a modder(edits jsons and stuff) or a player(finds bugs and makes sure no thing is over or underpowered but only gets one life)once at least half of the people are satisfied with the point the game is at it moves onto the next stage.stage 2 where everyone is a player and two teams are made, the team that has the highest total survival time wins.

Im definitely curious, maybe some more info on what you intend to mod, etc?
Problem may be that many vets with a bit of luck can get themselves set up to survive indef.

If enough people are interested we would start with fresh jsons and make the game completely different.

I could edit the core files pretty easily, if you want. Maybe make the game a bit harder to make sure no one lives forever by greatly lowering the speed penalty of various objects and the like.

Note, however, my idea of difficult tends to be closer to “AHHHH” on the scale of meh to “AHHHHH”.

But ho could you prevent someone finding a LMOE shelter and hanging out there forever?

Lower the speed reduction for windows, add additional flags to various enemies, increasing hunger and dehydration rates, and the like.

There are plenty of ways to make a sedentary life a dead life with only a few modifications.

Up the spawn rate of squirrels, make them hostile once 5 are on screen and give them a bit of damage?