Weight Loss Issue

Hi there! I’m a fairly new player, but I’ve got the basics handled pretty well. One problem I’m having is my character is seemingly unable to keep weight. At first I thought it might be because I was trying to hold off on junk food so I could keep it for the winter, but the past in game week I’ve been shoveling down calories as much as possible, the only liquids I’m putting in my body are soda and hot chocolate and food is only coming from eggs, meat, lard, and junk food. Nothing really is working though, and I’m still getting the message that my character is losing weight. Now I’m starting to think it might be some bug, and after looking around this seems to be an issue already addressed, but I am running a fairly recent experimental update so I thought it’d be fixed. Do I just need to keep up this for longer, or should I revert to some specific version?

Switch to a diet of water, lard and multivitamines for a week eat whenever you have space and you should be fine.

It just seems odd that to keep weight you have to keep such a high caloric intake, I’m eating well over 3000 calories a day.

3000 is nothing. Remember that your survivor is much more active than you, the average person. Their lifestyle is more in line with that of an athlete than that of a normal person. A caloric expenditure of around 4000 to 5000 a day should be expected. So a caloric intake in that range should be able to keep your weight up.

I’ve also been noticing this. I’ll eat dozens of scrambled eggs and corndogs in a day while guzzling entire bottles of mayo and drinking nothing but fruit juice and cola and still seem to be losing weight.

Looking into it, top atheletes training for the olympics talk about eating 10K calories per day. Is that what we should expect from a normal day of walking around and scrapping with zombies?

If you just do that for a little while no. If you do that for 12 hours non-stop such as when you are clearing a town than yes.

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Infantry soldiers in active combat zones have been extensively documented to burn 4,000 to 6,000 kcals/day, so yes, if your plan is to go walking around and fighting zombies, you should expect to burn calories like crazy. Also, if you plan to spend a lot of your time doing physically demanding activities like blacksmithing, you’re going to burn a lot more calories than you do when you’re just sitting in bed reading a book.