How could I drop my body weight quicker?

I think I have a problem to keep my weight lower in a normal way, I take exercise every day in the morning with full strength 120 mins, and only drink a clean water and eat one jerky every day,

but somehow my weight just won’t going down, actually, it’s going very slowly about a lot days in order to loss only 1 KG at the time, but it going up much faster while I’m eating cooking meat stuff, So anyone have a idea to make the body weight going down quicker than gaining?

Assuming you’re talking about your character in game: Don’t eat anything for a while.

You don’t have to eat when you’re “hungry”. You can just wait it out.
Or if you eat, eat something that has a low calorie value (vegetables, for example).

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The fastest way to drop weight is probably as follows:

Don’t eat anything.
Grab a shovel, and dig pits until you hit extremely weary.
Once you hit extremely weary, rest till you’re out of it, then get back to digging.

It’s probably worth sleeping when you get tired, to get back to more functional levels.

If you repeat the above, I think it may be hard to beat the amount of calories you’d burn with another method.

It depends how much micro you want, but you it’d theoretically be optimal to rest for as short of a time as possible once you hit extremely weary to go back up to the next level, then get back to digging and immediately rest once you hit extremely again.

This doesen’t sound normal… .back when I still thought that exercise increases your strenght, I was burning 1000 calories per 10 mins or so.

That’s 144,000 kcal per day, and assuming you’re doing the most intense workout possible, it’s a BMR of about 14k kcal. That’s a pretty insane BMR.

IRL dropping body weight quickly is incredibly dangerous, as well as the fact that the body can get “addicted” to being at a certain weight and get stuck in cycles of gaining any weight lost right back. this is why its difficult for some people to lose weight without actually putting any effort into it, as well as the importance to remain healthy/active.

however if you really want to lose weight in game you could just stick to drinking sodas or water, and ignore any warnings about needing to eat