I can’t stop having calorie problems, how much do you need?

Usually my calorie intake is something like 200-300 calories per item and 2-4 items each meal until full 2 or 3 times a day. There are some smaller calorie counts at times but that’s usually about what I have. That said, I recently found a bunch of protein rations and hoped that the 400 per would be good enough but even with that by now I seem to have reached a second stage of text saying that even though my stomachs is full it feels like it’s empty. I’m playing on one of the most recent experimentals BTW.

Seemingly infinite. Even eating 400 cal items every single time my food drops from full and going engorged every meal all I can do is lose weight when spending a week tailoring. Been a little frustrating actually. Pretty sure there must be a bug in there somewhere. Only time I wasn’t losing weight was when I was eating 2 of those 2000 calorie food pellets a day on top of regular meals. This is with heat dependant.

I just looked up what the average active soldier needs tor calories and the MREs they use have ~4,500 to 5,000 calories. Given how much work a player needs to do that’s probably pretty close to what they would need.

That means that A) The MREs ingame are considerably low on calories compared to what they should be and B) Achieving ideal amounts of calories (if ingame it is similar) is extremely difficult compared to the game balance. It forces you to often need to eat straight tallow and such to maintain calories which would end up being extremely detrimental.

I might make a different thread addressing these issues,

I did state 2+ regular meals so that’s probably nearing 7200 or so calories atleast as those calorie pills barely effect the stomach. No idea if it’s currently physically possible for me to gain weight without those pills. Those weightloss messages finally changed to sound a bit more urgent. Hopefully you can’t die from weightloss.

post your calorie tracker please. it’s in debug->show game info
it’s the first window that pops up

Pleas excuse the quality. I have to post from my phone since there was an internet outage nearby.

Currently I appear to be losing massive amounts of calories within a relatively short alight of time. I did a bit of fighting by I mostly let my companions attack and smash bodies while I gather loot and took off a couple solar panels from cars. I’ve just been eating straight tallow and have filled my stomach within a day several times. At least within the current day it seems a bit off. Ironically I seem to have actually gained calories overall in the current day because of how many times I’ve gotten hungry again. That hasn’t happened previous times while eating 90% tallow.

Man, that is some serious caloric usage. No wonder it’s impossible to not lose weight. Will be curious to see mine when I get home. Good thing to know exists though, really want a good look at it.

Oh, BTW the guy above said the debug directions slightly wrong. It’s Debug > Info… > Check game state and the first thing that pops up. Took me a bit to realize that

Since I love this particular data and wanted to use graphs to help visualize it better:

Average Net Calories: -1399 (per day)
Average amount of time spent at moderate activity level (most of the time this is walking, which is why i’m bringing it up): 364 minutes
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Walking counts as moderate? It’s freaking walking. It’s not like I’m over encumbered. I get it not counting as nothing but it shouldn’t count as moderate.

EDIT: Given that walking is considered moderate it definitely seems like that is at least part of the problem with the extreme calorie loss. I have a vehicle, sure, but I can’t ride it everywhere and still enough up walking a lot.

EDIT 2: Just realized, you can choose to run in the game. Maybe walking and crouching should count as light while running is set at moderate.

Walking is considered moderate activity? What

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walk and crouch are moderate and run is active.

Eh, that should probably be toned down a level like I said, at least in my opinion. As someone who has legs and is not all that fit I can say that walking is extremely easy and not all that exerting. As a character ingame you tend to walk a lot and end up getting pretty fit from all the fighting and hard work. Making use of your legs is practically nothing.

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I can’t imagine how out of shape someone would need to be for walking to be moderate activity. If anything it’s so light it makes a good way to cool off from actual exercise. Definitely the most likely cause of the games caloric difficulties.

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Ya, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. Even if you have a mobile death base you’ll inevitably need to walk a lot to gather resources.

To hunt, you need to move around a lot to actually be able to find something and ensure you are within range to kill it, and a vehicle is often to big for that.
If you want to loot a building, you need to walk around to actually get any of it.
If you want to explore anything underground, you have to go on foot.
And so on.

You need to walk a lot regardless of how well you are setup and walking has no good reason to be that tiring unless you’re overburdened or something like that. Honestly, just lowering that could massively help with the crazy large calorie loss.

you seem to be under the misapprehension that your fitness level significantly impacts the amount of calories you burn in an activity. i don’t really want to get into the details on why walking is moderate, but the broad strokes of it is that after erk found out it was light, with the player’s actual walking speed, he recommended to the rest of the dev team to bump it up to moderate.

Brisk walking is 4 mets, which is what we call moderate exercise. We don’t have a slow walk gait, since it’s overall less efficient than a brisk walk.

As korg said, activity level here is a term of art, brisk walking doesn’t stop being moderate exercise because you’re more fit, because you’re still doing the same work and expending the same amount of energy.

Regardless, I feel like something needs to be done about the massive calorie loss. You’d burn a lot of calories a day with this kind of lifestyle, but having to resort to constantly eating stuff like tallow with ~1000 calories and not being able to at all doing anything lower seems ridiculous.

Even if something is done that isn’t ‘realistic’ it might be better simply for game balance. CDDA is one of those games that has a crazy amount of detail, but ultimately it’s still a video game, and details shouldn’t be added that straight up hinder gameplay. They should be like the new butchering mechanic, or proficiencies which add more depth to how crafting would work. The calorie system in general is fine, but the loss is just too great in my opinion.

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I wish losing weight in real life was as easy as it is in cataclysm. Take a few steps occasionally, eat nothing but lard and sausages and end up skin n bones.


That would both be amazing and terrible. There’d be lots of deaths for poorer people because of straight starvation but any thicc people can become unthicc really easily if they so desire. Or just stay thicc, if they want that for some reason. However none of the tasty stuff has enough calories to stay thicc so they’d need to eat crap tons of tallow and lard to stay like that, which would probably both taste gross and be really unhealthy.