High calorie food

For some reason no matter how much or how often I eat high calorie stuff like cracklins the game without fail tells me to eat more high calorie food. The whole food system seems much different than it used to be so clearly I am missing something here. What counts as calorie rich enough to feed a carnivore without getting these messages?

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I have no experience with carnivores specifically, but I did have the issue of the game complaining about a lack of calories, despite trying to eat the most calorie dense food I could get hold of.

The cure, as I under stand it, is to change the eating behavior according to the food and your calorie state.

  • Overweight: Eat only when very hungry, ignore hungry.
  • Normal weight: Eat when very hungry (the hungry state isn’t shown).
  • Underweight/insufficient calories: Stuff yourself whenever you’re peckish.

I’m currently on a diet that seems to be stable, resulting in a mostly normal weight with some shorter trips into overweight. It consists of:

  • 3 units of milk per day
  • a serving of dehydrated vegetables plus a serving of pemmican at every meal.
  • Water when thirsty and out of milk for the day.

Milk is processed in 40 unit batches (milked into a wielded canning pot) as two 20 unit batches, poured into glass bottles, and tossed into the freezer.

Obviously, the above won’t work for a carnivore, but I assume some acceptable form of meat based food can replace the pemmican, liver (in a freezer) , cooked into foie gras (probably one meal per day) (don’t know what a carnivore thinks of that, but it ought to be OK) can replace milk for vitamin A. You’ve obviously going to have to do something for other vitamins as well.

Interesting. Things really are a lot more complex now. Have to figure out what weight my character is though I suspect by this point I’ll have to for sure run the underweight diet for a bit. Been having these messages for quite some time and I’m sure my recent coma didn’t do anything good for my weight which was probably already low given the length of time these messages have been flowing. Going to be tough to aquire that many livers and gotta figure out what foie gras is. That a book recipe? Most advanced cooking recipes never did work for carnivores so hopefully it does.

Finding your weight range is easy: just look at the character info (’@’). To get the actual weight you’d have to find a bathroom scale (and strip naked).

The warning message means the character is losing weight and isn’t overweight (or heavier, of course).

Foie gras is, in real life, the liver of geese force fed to result in pathologically fat riddled livers, and is considered very fancy food. It’s a fairly high level recipe which I believe is found in books. The practice is considered animal cruelty by many. Although “Liverlicious,…” isn’t a very high level book, I wouldn’t be surprised if that recipe is found in it.

Edit: No, foie gras is probably out for you as there is fruit on the ingredients list. You’d probably have to use the more basic recipes for liver, and don’t forget to try to use the other organs as well (again, a minifreezer is extremely useful. While you can can the stuff, the recipes are finicky in that you can’t combine parts of the same type to get the required amount, so you really want to use a freezer to keep them fresh until you get the required multiples).