Weight gain / loss

So, as someone who has had some vague experience of ‘real life’, has anyone else noticed that in CDDA you can bounce between ‘overweight’ and ‘normal’ several times a day? This isn’t really very (wait for it) realistic. I have a couple ideas to throw around, starting with (what I think) is the simplest.

I would suggest keeping track of which direction your character’s weight state is changing and having a moderately large gap before your displayed weight changes. Like, if at the moment anything from 50 to 100 is ‘normal’ and anything from 101 and 150 is ‘overweight’ we could introduce an extra 10 ‘lag’ as you go past the cross-over point in the direction you’re changing.

How this would work in practise: If you start ‘overweight’ at 120 and you don’t eat enough you gradually lose weight until you are at 90 when you notice your weight is now normal (10 lag when losing weight). You can start eating a bunch of high calorie crap to put weight on, but the displayed weight dosn’t change until you are at 111 (10 lag when gaining weight). It doesn’t change what your actual numerical weight is at any point, it just slows down the feedback so it takes a sensible amount of time for your state to actually noticeably change.

Next idea, losing weight is currently (literally) too painless. Many people who have tried fasting or restrictive diets find it a highly unpleasant process. I would suggest that, while ‘very hungry’, you have a chance of getting ‘mild pain’ with log messages like ‘your empty stomach groans’, ‘your stomach gurgles in complaint’. Stomach medicine or a drink (if thirsty as well) would temporarily tame the beast.

Hmm, that’s a little too refined for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, though.

Took a look at what they’re working on and it looks good, but I’m wondering how expanded digestive system + recycling unit CBM’s will come into play, as well as how fast/very fast/extreme metabolism will go in conjunction to this.

In older builds recycling unit + expanded digestive system really did help in making extreme metabolism less of a death sentence/slow ticking time bomb, since now 80% of my activity was either eating, preparing food or getting more food. Only when I had a large supply of flour and carbs was it manageable in later versions, in early versions (0.C/D) the two CBM’s made it basically normal and really manageable, like I didn’t have to eat 8 times a day.

I’d like it if the future builds have it so that eating is a little less of a chore if you have these CBM’s as it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much right now.

unfortunately with the recycler unit, it’d slow down your metabolic process, but it wouldn’t generate more calories from the food you ate (as I understand it.) so you’d basically be counteracting extreme metabolism with the reverse option, and that makes me wonder why you didn’t just stick with regular metabolism in that case (i mean… mutations and all, i get that.)

A solution for faster metabolism could be a faster digestion speed. Since faster metabolism means that your bodely functions including digestion would be faster.

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Chaos/chimera tree gives you extreme metabolism aka 3x the normal metabolism. The benefit of the hyper metabolism is that you can convert everything you eat directly into HP, as well as the Eater of the Dead mutation which allows me to eat zombie corpses no problem.
I definitely could just eat zombie corpses but I’d rather not, since I can’t cook it and it takes a big mood hit. Taste modifier CBM takes too much power for what it’s worth imo.

Recycler unit brings down the metabolism to manageable levels, last time I checked I think my basal metabolism was around 3-4K I don’t know what the real metabolism without the bionic is.

That’d be nice I guess, but I’m just hoping they balance it right and make everything manageable for super mutants like me. It’s just that with the way how everything works right now, it feels like more of a burden despite my preparations to live with some of the drawbacks of being a chimera mutant.

The proposed system is based on how many stored kcal you lost or gained over the last 7 days, not how many calories you actually spent. So if you ate 25000 kcal and burned 25000 kcal, you’re not going to run into the new weight loss rules, likewise if you ate and spent 50,000 kcal. It only affects you if you’re eating way more or less than you’re spending

Any detailed github issue?

The one anothersimulacrum posted at the top of this thread.