Weeping Angels

Enemies that only do stuff when you’re not looking. Have to kill them with explosives or the other kinds of things that break rocks and walls. Maybe they throw things at you and/or melee you when you’re asleep.

Maybe fast with a blinding attack, but not very strong, work best in groups. Can teleport you on hit.

Players have 360 degree vision radius at all times. Weeping angels would be afraid of anyone with godly powers like that.

And they seem like the kind of monster you only meet once in your lifetime , because they sound stupidly OP.

Technicalities of the game means they can only ever attack you if you’re blind.
I believe GlyphGryph was brainstorming an enemy like this that would passively surround you, causing death due to starvaton or similar without ever attacking you.
This has two issues:
To make such a thing balanced I feel like we’d need to give the player every feasable opportunity of escape, for example if you had a day and you were trapped against the wall of a house (or even better, an interior wall) it seems like you might be able to break through to escape, especially if you have tools on you.
This seems like an exceedingly un-fun way to die, being trapped in a hole that you can’t escape from and just waiting for death :frowning:

Man, I am really torn on this one. I love Doctor Who and would love to see a great enemy like weeping angels in the game, but I am not really sure if they would be practical to implement in the current system. The main problem, already mentioned, is that as a player we currently don’t have a “facing” and can see around us in all directions. The only way to determine “behind” would be to use the opposite direction of a player’s last move. Since you would still “see” the enemy moving towards you when you were walking away from it, that kinda diminishes the whole creepiness factor that is suppose to be inherent to them.

That being said, I do have some idea of how to go about it, but only within my limited understanding of how the current system works. First, it is important that their icon be consistent with that of other stationary statues present within the game. I do not think it would be hard to add such decorative works, and this sort of thing is important to how they function as you would not suspect a statue in a world where other statues exist that are completely harmless to be capable of anything menacing. The next step requires that important piece of information above on the players last direction of travel. If that is easily obtainable then we can bypass the 360 view by simply not showing any update in the position of the angel statue until the player resumes looking in its general direction. Of course, in darkness the player’s vision would be extremely limited, giving the angel free reign for at least ONE attack on player.

This leads to the next issue, determining what kind of attack they will inflict on the opponent. I think that aspect requires a little more research, however from what I know of the weeping angels with their role as “assassins” they will likely go for high damage, disabling hits to vitals. This would make them a particularly dangerous foe to players so if this nature were to be maintained, it would have to be balanced by either making the enemies an extremely rare occurrence, delaying the possibility of their appearance, or requiring some kind of triggering condition in order to make them actually hostile to the player in the first place. An assassin does not typically kill everything or everyone it meets for no reason; There must be a purpose or motive for it to attack the player (and could interestingly make it attack certain npcs occasionally).

Aren’t they made of stone?

It’s not that OP with your view field; you’ll eventually flee to a corner, leaving a 90 degree horizontal angle for the foe to deal with. Every sort of the Unseen Horror, even the one bead from an entire swarm is very dangerous and possibly OP if not ruled carefully. Since its speed is some 5x of the basic enemy, a classic type of this foe can rip your arm/leg off any time. Anyway, buffs (drugs) and area spells (fire and power surge) are the only real, sensible way to deal with them, so keep in mind the “rating” to the whole thing, as characters tend to get hurt, hurt themselves AND dedicate a considerable portion of game time for the task whilst depraving themselves of the most valuable items.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:5, topic:2674”]Aren’t they made of stone?[/quote]Turning to stone is their defense mechanism. It’s impossible to tell what they look like in their other form, because they instantly turn to stone when observed. Furthermore, anything that takes the image of an Angel becomes an Angel itself.

Trapped by weeping angels, losing a lot of blood from internal injuries.
Current items, wrist watch, spoon, fork.
"looks like we’ll have to operate, Jim."
watch falls in your thoracic cavity and you can’t find it.
Time lawd.

Ah, surgeon simulator.
Also for some reason I’ve never liked doctor who (except the old original movies.) The new series just seem so crazy to me and I absolutely love sci-fi stuff.

Well the 360 FOV is why I suggested them throwing things, so they’d at least be threatening in the dark. The other case was if you’re sleeping you don’t see, so they could be permitted to be like people that can open doors, and it would probably actually be easier to use the humanoid code instead of the monster code for them. If they could open doors and beat you in the dark, that’d give them at least one means of being harmful i.e. catch you when you’re sleeping, attack and blind you a few times, you either run and can see again and its over, or you try to fight them blind. If they could revert to a “furniture” state you could move them, so that’d be an option for removing them from the premise.

Also if when they died they reverted to a dead statue form, it’d be a nice way to decorate the room.

Maybe they can only come out of unlocked police boxes :stuck_out_tongue:

So what’s the story behind them? Just random haunted statues isn’t good enough story for me.
Anyway , if they get added , they must be super rare not to turn in a frustrating trouble you have to blow up every time you go to sleep.

Eh, story behind them isn’t good at all. The source calls them “assassins”, but maybe in Britain there’s a different connotation, as they don’t really target anyone specifically. In canon, they send someone back in time to “steal” the life they were going to have.

µbut how does it tie with our world? We don’t have aliens in it.

We don’t have goo zombies either.

They could be an easter egg/extremely rare event to make the atmosphere a bit more horrific.

Well, there are already some pretty out there things in the game so really its more of a matter of finding a place where it would fit. After doing some more “research” it seems they are plenty capable of simply murdering people normally when it suits them, and they can also feed off of certain energy sources/radiation as well. The send you back in time and let you die of old age thing would be kinda awkward here but if they just plain murdered you in order to get to some “energy source” you possessed… that might work. So yeah, either you have the energy source they need, you interfere with them getting the energy they need, or you somehow play a key role in accessing the energy source.

When we introduce “Journey to the West” mode, maybe if they get you they’ll teleport you a couple miles to the east?

Had to post :smiley: A good name for these would be “biders”, zombies smart enough to understand the weaknesses of the average human (being surrounded, starving to death, etc) and will wait on you to slip up or sleep, basically… Could start spawning after five days or maybe a season to explain how they developed human-hunting skills… They could jump in any time you get pinned/trapped or blinded, or maybe when your wounds reach a certain severity or move speed gets low, or combat stats drop too low…

Any way to make an enemy target structures specifically, like setting traps off on purpose, breaking windows/barriers, pelting buildings with rocks, disabling traps and sabotaging vehicles, damaging crops, things like that… Guess they’d only be vandals at night though, and then they could hide away inside a nearby structure during the daytime and will return to cause more property damage every night until dealt with.

(Here’s the copy-paste of my original idea, though it was for Project Zomboid:
Zombies called Talkers? borrowed from I Am Legend book, where a zombie still faintly remembers you from its past life and becomes fixated on you, but flees/hides when hunted (can study structural weak points and target them, can shout (your name) in the night and wake you up and decrease mood (why you’d want to kill it) can maybe even use advanced tactics like pit traps or fire (poorly) if left alive long enough) These could show up in emptied towns you keep a safehouse in to add some spice to your otherwise threatless existence…

Also, reading this thread is the first thing to make me even realize all Cataclysm characters have a strange 360 degree eyeball ring around their heads :slight_smile: I guess having a facing would add tension, but we’d need to be able to walk backwards, sure there are other technicalities involved I can’t think of :stuck_out_tongue:

And lastly, please forgive me for wishlisting! I’ve apparently got a problem :frowning: But I do believe that getting an idea out there, even in a crude form, can land it into able hands where it gets fleshed out into pure magic… So beware my wishlist!!

Skinnies? suburban country zombies that have only been around other zombies
their whole zombielives and have never got to eat, making them emaciated
and dry, thinner and faster than other zombies, but easier to kill as well…
(skinnies would be dangerous on fire…)

Blood bottles as attractants, to be used to bait zombies into traps, or
distract to escape

Wilderness zones like natural orchards/glades and freshwater pools (plus associated dangers)

Live traps/snares/cages for hunting (and maybe zombies too) plus taming creatures based on survival skill :open_mouth:

Celebrity zombies? (elvis/fictional or spoofy movie stars, or even local weathermen/personalities/
mascots from businesses)

Diablo type boss-augmented enemies?

Assorted fireworks and firework stands?


You should check out unreal world: http://www.unrealworld.fi/
It is a free survivalist roguelike that does have facing (and limited degree of view). This does add to immersion, but makes movement quite a bit more awkward.

You should check out unreal world: http://www.unrealworld.fi/
It is a free survivalist roguelike that does have facing (and limited degree of view). This does add to immersion, but makes movement quite a bit more awkward.[/quote]

Unreal World kinda did movement wrong. They should have just made it so you look in the direction you tap on the number pad, then move in that direction with repeated presses. A strafing mode could be implemented by simply tapping a button that would keep you facing in the same direction while you move. Bam - easy movement, with directional FOV.

If directional FOV does get implemented, I will be very, very excited. If it doesn’t, well, it won’t matter, because any kind of stealth system would be cool, and I know that a stealth system IS planned for the future.

I have been nabbing all the (free) releases of Unreal for a while, but the true reason I haven’t played much at all (no more than 5 hours in total) is because of their goofy movement system :expressionless: I don’t have any suggestions to de-goof it, but it is definitely strange… I’m sure I could get used to it, I just don’t want to :wink: