Webbed Hand and Pockets

Pockets don’t seem to warm webbed hands. This pic was from a science lab at -24F. I can’t seem to find anyway to keep webbed hands warm. The Fur Trenchcoat’s description reads “This piece of clothing has pockets to warm your hands.”

Also shouldn’t Mittens work with webbed hands?


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Are you wielding anything? If so, you can’t put your hands in pockets. I will take a look next chance I get to see if I made a mistake in how hands are checked – maybe webbed hands are setting it off.

Also, cloaks and the like cover the entire body and disregard layering limits. You can wear as many as you need to keep warm, and they cover all body parts (if I recall correctly).

Cloaks actually don’t cover the hands or feet, which is probably why you aren’t getting any warmth there. And yeah, I’d be good with mittens getting an OVERSIZE flag (which you can add to the json yourself if you can’t wait).

++ on mittens getting oversized flag. Mutations can be detrimental, but not in ways that don’t make sense.

Yeah, webbed hands would be able to wear mittens (not gloves), however tentacles should still not be able to wear anything. Perhaps some “no hands” and “no fingers” flags are in order!

Cloaks warming hands makes sense. Does it make sense to warm feet? I would argue and say yes, because the point of the cloak is to provide warmth when one cannot wear clothing, at the penalty of encumbrance.

I recently submitted an oversize mittens PR due to this discussion.

Wouldnt be that hard to wrap tentacles with pieces of clothings, rags, bandages, fur or whatever your want. At least something should be done about claw talons.

That’s why cloaks were originally added. It could also be argued that gloves that “fit” should fit you regardless of your shape or form, because you are making them fit.

New crafting recipes required: Tentacle Warmers and Tentacle Mittens

Or more generally hand/foot wraps, that’s actually a thing.
Get on it Rivet :wink:

It’s a little counterintuitive, but give the cloak the pockets flag to represent wrapping the cloak around your hands when you don’t have a weapon wielded?

You know those hand wraps that fighters use to protect their hands? WANT.

Maybe have them made out of rags or something.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:11, topic:3312”]You know those hand wraps that fighters use to protect their hands? WANT.

Maybe have them made out of rags or something.[/quote]

Good idea.

I love this game.

What about some horseshoes for hooves?

This. I didn’t think of that. Thanks. But yeah on mittens being useable.