Some .4 questions

  1. you can’t wear glasses with power armor and I like to pick near sighted. its a good balance. so i have not used it. looks like it slows you down. i did find an item item you can plug into it, so it looks buffable. has anyone messed with this yet and looked at how power armor works and its value?

  2. Are there any detailed explanations about how cold works? I can get frost bite right? So I need to wear warm cloths (and therefore less armor) when its cold.

  3. How do I tell if an item is made of wool, since I like to get wool allergy?

  4. so when cloths are fitted does that mean it has less encumbrance?

  1. I have no idea
  2. Yes you can get frostbite
  3. Just try wearing it. If its made of wool it should say you can’t wear it i think.
  4. It should have no Encumberance if i Remember correctly.

Fitted items will have one less encumbrance than normal. For items that already have zero encumbrance, this will bring them into negative encumbrance.

Fit Everything Always.

It will vastly improve your combat performance. =P

… speaking of that, is there a book for Tailoring or whatever? I haven’t seen one yet.

There is. It has a semi ironic name. Look for it on the wiki.

“Sew what? Clothing!” Yes there is.

As for the starting questions

  1. I believe (haven’t used it much) turning on a UPS activates the armor and makes it not slow you down. If you find a few extra parts for one then you can go all juggernaut until you run out of batteries. Value debatable for that reason.
  2. It’s rather self explanatory. If you are cold you have to wear more stuff, if you are hot wear less. @ will show you how hot each body part is. Blue cold,-green-warm, yellow-hot.
  3. Wool items have wool in the name. (wool hat / wool gloves / exc.) Their benefit (that I know of) is that they are warmer then normal.
  4. Answered.

…No tailoring? fitted under armour and long panties. Next to negative encumberance, Instant warmth.

Most fitted items have 0 encumberance. Some certain items are allowed -1 encumberance (aka a buff. Best ones are fitted sneakers imo.)

While we’re on the subject of books, have martial arts books made it into .4? Since there aren’t really any NPCs to teach them?

Not yet Asra. You can always turn NPCs back on, but may as well just use the command console, since NPCs are so bugged as it is. With any luck we’ll get Dojos and MA books in v0.5.

Well, not that I use Martial arts.

Hunger and Thirst in .4 with static zombies.

I am hungry and thirsty in 3.5 hours from the start. First off this is really tough with static spawns because unless I get a backpack and/or some items I can use to carry things, I can’t really grab anything. To start with you basically have to smash windows to get into houses (which causes pain), then hope you find an item to carry stuff. Also, hope for some fresh water. Static spawns has made it really hard to start. There is a lot of luck involved. If you don’t have water and some thng to carry items in, in a house right near you, you are in real trouble with in a few hours.

Also as far as food goes. I killed a cougar. Butchered it and got 4 pieces of meat. I ate all 4 pieces of meat and was still hungry. This is less than 4 hours into the game? Ok they were raw, so I am figuring you need to cook food to get the real nutrition now (is that true)?

That seems somewhat extreme.

Also, I am having trouble cooking. In the past I could use a lighter against a bush outside to make a fire. Then cook over that. You start with a matchbook, but it does not light a bush. It says ‘not lightable’. Is this just with matches? Can I light a bush? I am guessing I can get sheets when I break windows and light that.

The initial “Hungry” “Thirsty” notifications carry no penalty- you can go more than a day without drinking anything and several days without eating. So even if you find absolutely nothing to use for volume, you can still travel back to the houses to forage when you need food or water.

Your best bet for tinder is probably two by fours, you can get ridiculous amount from smashing or deconstructing doors and furniture. Just one house worth of boards should get you enough firewood for days.

Did they change it? first level of hunger never gave a penalty but first level of thirst gave a minor one, I think.

Yeah it looks like the first level of thirst actually gives a penalty between 2-4%.

It looks like six hours without food or water will give you -4% to speed from thirst, twelve hours will give you -10% from thirst and -4% from hunger, eighteen percent will give you -15% and 9%, and 24 hours will give you -22% and -16%.

This continues to progress linearly until it exceeds a -100% total speed debuff at about day 5. At which point you just have to survive with 1 speed. It takes about 11 minutes to walk one square with 1 speed.

Interestingly, the test character survived more than 14 days without food or water.

A note on firewood: you can ‘carve’ a wooden stick into twelve skewers, each of which probably burns a similar amount of time to the original stick.

You could always turn NPCs back on for a while. Uh, in case they’re not entirely game breaking. Haven’t tried it at all.

That’s nuts. Seems like an oversight.
I get a bad case of empathy and sympathy if my character ever gets dehydrated. Trying to survive at a farm house by eating MREs and drinking nothing but filthy toilet water was a BAD idea.