Web wall ‘Forest’ tile zone... anything decent in there?

I mean, obviously I know that it involves spiders… because I mean, that much is obvious, but I noticed that all the trees, minus a small handful (like 3…) are all ‘burnt’ trees. Now, I have not gone inside yet… but I have brushed a few webs aside just to peak inwards. Can’t see anything in there, obviously, due to the mass amount of webs blocking vision, but asides from spiders (which I hate due to being bit at a VERY young age by a brown recluse… where my ‘loins’ are… so PTSD is a thing I deal with… when it comes to spiders… fake or real or virtual. It’s also why I kill them with extreme prejudice. Using any means at my disposal.) and the massive buttload of webs to deal with, is there anything that’s even ‘remotely’ decent in there? Or is it just essentially a ‘giant’ nest, similar to how regular ones are, just bigger? I mean I’m going to clear it out at some point… for reasons mentioned above, but I’d at least like to know if simply burning it would be fine, since the loot would be mediocre.

For the tile/icon on the map itself, it’s not only a ‘F’ icon, indicating forest, and says as such, but it also is in Grey, compared to Green. Oh, and what’s even funnier, it’s SURROUNDED by normal field tiles. Nearest Green Forest is like 2 or 3 ‘zones’ or ‘chunks’ away. Just saw it on my map, went to investigate. And also, it still says it is a ‘Forest’ when hovering over the icon on the map.

Idk which mod it is apart of, if at all, but… info would be fine. Spoilers, are fine. I know I’m dealing with spiders or some form of it… so, not much would be spoiled for me.

will immediately apologize for my English. This is the first time I hear about this, is this structure added by a modification? can I find out what mods you are playing with? I do not think that there can be anything valuable, try to throw a grenade on the edge of this nest, but I do not guarantee the safety of things in perfect quality, if you are afraid for the safety of things, or that this mod structure contains a terrible monster, try to copy the save file for subsequent replacement in case of failure.

Let us know what happens for sure!

The most universal solution to the problem is to blow it up. Such nests do not contain anything interesting, and if this is a mod structure, and the mod adds a variety of creatures, there is a chance that this is not only a place with a couple of spiders, but also a place where spiders breed, so except for a couple of spider eggs and corpses, you will not be able to find anything, try to kill a few zombie soldiers, and find a grenade.

I could be wrong but,

  • the grey in the overmap could have been from you accidently marked it as explored.
  • it could just be that spiders spawned on top of a normal burnt forest tile.

As far as I’ve seen, the web covered area contains spider eggs in the center. Eggs have some minor uses, but I guess the one of interest to you is to smash (or otherwise destroy) them to prevent them from hatching.

You may also want to know that spiders in cellars are a thing (although cockroaches are way worse when it comes to being dangerous enemies).

With the (faint) hope that dealing with definitely harmless (to your actual physical self) digital spiders might chip away a tiny bit of your trauma (but it’s probably not the right treatment method for that).

as far as I know, eggs as a structure is purely a method of getting spider eggs, you need to walk up to them, press e, and then pick them up from the ground, but they don’t serve as their spawn point. although I may be wrong

So to everybody who has been curious… I uh… did make a backup, just in case. One of the mods is Magiclysm. Found out it was a Demon Spider nest. And uh… I learned that while the spiderlings are not too much a threat… if you have decent dodge, melee, and molecular blade… (thank you Battle Angel start… lol… love molecular blade. Hella useful.). But the Demon Spiders themselves? OH BOI are they fkn scary. Yeah, they can cast a giant fireball … beam hybrid thing, and that thing not only HURTS LIKE SHIT, the burn itself it applies… will kill you if you do not have a nearby body of water (and I mean like… REALLY nearby), or a fire extinguisher to put yourself out. Not to mention that while the spiderlings may be fast, the adult ones are FAST AS FUCK BOI… easily keeping up with my character who has 170 speed. Oh and did I mention they are fairly tanky to boot? No? Yeah, unless you have good range, a way to consistently lure them out, and a hard hitting rifle with decent rifle and marksman, or a launcher, you can kiss any hope of clearing that place out. Those things HURT. They are also somewhat armored. So… having full fire retardant gear is pretty much a requirement… along with full coverage… and a way to deal with venom.

And no, the tile itself is grey on the overmap. I have ‘toggle explored’ on OFF. So it doesn’t show if I have or not, as I (when having completed an area or a town) will mark it with a Note, saying clear, or not clear, since I tend to forget where all I’ve been. And it is much more reliable imo to do it that way. I have Binos and it showed up on the very edge of what is and isn’t visible on the overmap, and when I got closer, it was just that tile… in a massive open field with no other forest tiles in sight. Certain ‘dungeons’ work like that. Some of the ‘Portal’ dungeon houses for example.

Melee is just as bad, lol. I tried to corner cheese them by luring them out one by one, sitting just around the corner from the entrance… and the big adult one came around, and then lit my char on fire and she then died from burning, because this is the first time I’ve played with Magiclysm.

I’ll take a screenshot and if possible, edit the post to show it. Otherwise I’ll just link the url in another reply.

I thought acid ants were bad when I went into a basement downstairs, made a sound of 2, and there were 10 of them lined up against the back wall, who all proceeded to spit acid and kill my char during the movement… as I got a prompt for if I wanted to watch my character die or not. I did NOT have any light source on, as I had gotten lucky with RNG radiation gained mutation and obtained Night Vision, which I constantly have on… because that mut is stupid useful. Especially early game. Highly recommend getting it if you can. Thank god I keep backup saves just for when random nonsense like that occurs. Or whenever I want to test something… I just make a backup.

TL:DR : Demon Spider nest. Big scary. Fire hurt… a lot… little spders, not so much. Venom still hurts though… Magiclysm mod. Got shit pushed in via burn. Have not cleared out, cannot confirm or deny if any decent loot is inside.

I mean… I just burn every spider nest I come across. Fuck them spooders… had one spawn in a zoo… needless to say, that zoo is now a husk. I then proceeded to go to a missle silo… and nuke it, just for good measure. Also had festering boars, undead coyotes, mooses, etc. tbh, I was doing a mercy to everything there… minus the spiders… those things… there is no act that would be considered a ‘mercy’… not even death by nuclear warhead.

I have never played with magiclysm so i was not familar with what it adds but some ideas that might work.

  • “recruit” scorched zombies (made by burning zombies)
  • use traps like bear traps against them, either directly or if they avoid them use them to make “impassable” walls.
  • lure them out in the open and ram a car into them
  • use various high powered bombs
  • if you need open terrain make it open with mining/explosives
  • lure them into slime pits made by a goo canister
  • if they don’t have night vision get night vision, they can’t attack what they don’t see
  • ride on a small bike like vehicle to outpace them
  • I hear demon chitin armor is good against fire
  • sometimes the best solution is to just avoid it and be glad most things only move while in your reality bubble

I’ll put info in spoilers so dont read if you dont want your “immersion” ruined.

The brown/grey F is indeed a Demon Spider Queen lair, and it’s specifically tied to Magiclism, also being a very “popular” location - which makes me really surprised that no one who commented here knew about it.
And no, the [F]orest being a different colour isn’t a glitch/oversight/bug: it was made to be clearly distinct but not too obvious to an obviously easily distracted player - the same way there are specific map tiles that represent two completely different things, but have the same name and colour, except for a Capitalized letter on their name (not overmap tile. Actual name.) Imagine if there was “house” and “House”, for example.
They are indeed somewhat nasty creatures - the spiderlings are just a nuisance, as they dodge a lot, but the Demons are much scarier because of their health and their (still OP imo) magic abilities and defences. And if you really think they are the worst, then do yourself a favour and don’t try to seek out the Spider Queen. You won’t like the end result.

As for the suggestions left above, only one advice really works against them - the obviously realistic one - whereas the rest are just a waste of time and assured death: they can range attack you, the spiderlings will foil your trapping plans very quickly too.


…Thank you good Ser. (Ser is bi-gender. If you ever played Dragons Dogma (or Dark Arisen version) you’re called ‘Ser’ regardless if male or female.) Also, off topic, but…love the username. Both thoughts that come to mind are either it is about to die… via minefield mine chain reaction, OR you have to kill it… and not only dodge the acid, but pray to all that is Holy and in the name of the Emperor, that the acid doesn’t ‘camo’ the mines… so you don’t indirectly blow yourself up if you have to move through some acid tiles. Appreciation, over.

As to the map tile being colored different, I’ve known that to be a thing to exist, and am surprised not all people know about it, or at least don’t notice it. Like for example, the weird humanoid creatures that are full white with no eyes or nose… (idk if they have a mouth or not, tbh.) but are (if you have Spiritual you get a morale bonus for simply encountering them, iirc.) trapped in a basement, usually involving a portal somewhere in there. Just… beware of telefrag. Not a fun time. Those ‘houses’ or sometimes even ‘cabins’ do exist and are a different color or even labelled different, indicating ‘Hey, there’s something different than the ‘other’ types of these buildings.’

As for the Demon Spiders, yeah… fuck those things… I had, before I even found the entrance, with the character (and decided that as what they are, would do the following…) come back and clear it out once fully equipped. I did however, make a backup, mostly for my own curiousity than anything, seeing as I have never used Magiclysm before, but am liking it so far, so I could investigate it without fear of losing everything. My current character DESPISES insects… and will more often than not, torch a place or nade spam the place to hell and back, just to not have to deal with insects. Only exception to those insects are dragonflies… cuz… those things are cool. But seeing as they neither had nades (ran out, clearing out a bee hive nest… and a few minor spider nests.) or any matches… (cuz… burn in Holy Fire.) had to go with the melee approach, as I also did not have that much ammo left for my M27 IAR, and only tend to use it when I’m dealing with a rather nasty big baddie, like a Bio Operator, or a Hulk… and need to melt it fast. So, not only did they die, I learned that those nests are Demon Spider and Demon Spiderling homes… and that the big guys… shoot fire which has some insane range. So, booted up the backup, since I not only educated myself a little, but went back to what my current char WOULD do, instead of charging in recklessly… much like Tristana from LoL does.

Tristana : “I bravely volunteer to charge in recklessly.” “Rules are more like guidelines, really.”

Not to mention my character is generally meant to run away and kite stuff, not melee. Not saying they are incompetent, but molecular blade is insanely handy, even for those unskilled in melee. Plus… infinite durability to boot. Never have to worry about repairing it or mending it. The one you mentioned though…? Well, now I need to murder death kill that thing…

Personally one of my favorite things to do is go into an anthill with a few BIG BADA BOOM bombs… and just plop them lovely surprise cakes down in areas after clearing them out enough, so the eggs die, and anything else in that area, dies. Usually save the biggest one for the Queen, in order to just ensure she cannot keep producing reinforcements. ANFO charges or a few mini nuke bombs are handy. But I do make sure that place is fully blasted apart. My biggest concern is whether or not I could just tear gas the entire Demon Spider Nest and then they’d all die. Dunno how many I’d need. Definitely hope that they aren’t fire resistant… (probably are though, lets be real… since they use fire… probably fire resistant or immune…) as I might go back and grab a couple dozen mollies from the refugee center. Couldn’t hurt…

Ranting and tangents aside, I appreciate your response and information on the matter. …And yeah, agreed, Demon Spider fire… definitely somewhat op… holy shit that stuff has some RANGE to it. Damage is also rather… decent, but the burn effect it has, oh my damn, does that burn definitely hurted.

…I wonder, does Kelvinist have a spell at all to put themselves out if on fire? Beats having to haul around a fire extinguisher that weighs a lot. (I avoid the small ones… unless I’m in immediate need of one.)

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I appreciate the kind words and the attention to the pronoun (he/him is fine) :slight_smile: For clarification, my username stems from a scene in one of Vormithrax’s runs a few years ago. Vorm was travelling north towards somewhere I can’t remember, there was a Minefield to the west, and an acid anthill to the north. A zombie stepped on a mine, and the explosion caused a swarm of ants to get angry and run towards it, which triggered what I can only describe and the most fantastic fireworks exhibition I’ve ever seen. Which led to more Ants being triggered, rinse and repeat. Vorm suddenly didn’t have to worry about dodging them on his way to his destination.

One thing I can add is that Vormithrax has done a specific Challenge Run on stream (it’s on youtube) in relation to the creature in question. I don’t know how Magiclysm stands now in terms of updates/nerfs/buffs - personally only used it a couple of times, it still feels a bit overwhelming for me, but still is not my jam despite adoring fantasy. I do remember that back when Vorm streamed that challenge, the actual Demon Spiders were much more of a threat than the Queen herself especially in Melee due to their ridiculous defensive stats and, of course, their offensive abilities and speed. How he dealt with them though, ties in with what I mentioned before on the second spoiler, but I don’t want to backseat :slight_smile: