Wall O' blobs, bug or feature

So I gen a new world on the experimental, very rough/!fun! starting town, fungal blooms on 2 sides and a slime pit out in the burbs. Ive got spawns turned up to 1.2 so things are mildly nasty till I get some skills going, just another day in the cataclysm really. I find a spot on the edges of town that isnt covered in deadly spores and settle down to read. I didnt notice that my temp home was 5 tiles diagonally from the slime pit. A few days of reading and not seeing anything nastier than the occasional zombear or dog, I wander up to have a look at the pit.
There is literally a wall of fucking blobs. They cover every single bit of spare space, I was about 3 tiles from the pit and from what I can tell its standing room only all the way in. Im not complaining mind, trying to hack my way through is going to be an interesting nut once im a few months in, but yah, bug or feature?

And does anyone have any ideas on how to actually slaughter my way through? Ive got a laser turret and ive never played with those, im thinking that could be a goer. I cant see any way short of cheating ill ever be able to get enough ammo for guns to be a serious option. I intend to go back as an endgame run, so ill have pretty much all the cbms/masses of storage, power armor (ive found 6 suits so far!) and MKII interface, would I be able to hack through with a nodachi or the like? I want to avoid just burning the town down as that seems a bit cheap but I may go that way. Beyond that, teargas? Acid bombs? A few thousand rounds of incendiary ammo? 200 grenades? Ideas?

A car. And be prepared to fight after the car stops.

Laser turrets and cars.

Or explosives.

Well if you have C4, you can set it up in your car right before the car impacts the wall of blobs, jump out, and watch the car blow up. Well, you prolly need more explosives for it to detonate the car, but still!

Then I remember me jumping out of a car going 50 MPH a few versions ago killed me, so there’s that.

I was thinking about a car, the worry is that it will only drill me into the middle of the mass that will close over pretty much instantly, leaving me stuck in the middle of a sea of blobs. Maybe something with laser turrets and flamethrowers mounted on the front being slowly advanced will work. I think a rammer is really not the way to go though.

A fleet of jihad bikes equipped with C4 may be an option, I think I should survive bailing out with power armor on, its a bit labor intensive though.

Draw a few of them away, kill them and collect the drops, forge goo canisters, repeat as necessary until you have a car full of goo canisters, go in and sweep them out with your personal army.

That’s… Actually a very good plan.

That’s… Actually a very good plan.[/quote]

Indeed, if the 1000 vs 1000 blob battle royale doesnt crash the game that sounds like a winner. Now I just need to find an endless supply of canisters.

Edit: winbombs, I can forge the suckers. Well, time to make a backup save to avoid death by bullshit, then put some work in to becoming as OPed as possible. Do the slime pits have a bottom? That seems like a reasonable goal.

No one was been brave enough to reach the bottom of a slime pit, if there is one.


indeed. Going to have to work out how to post pics I suppose.

Just snip some images with the snipping tool and upload it to imgur, then click on the picture to where it brings you to the actual picture URL.

Then, look for the insert picture button when replying then post the URL of the image in between the two [.img] [./img] tags.

Without the periods, of course.

Slime pits have no good ending, little loot, nothing to see there. No way to stop the blobs. Sorry.

Sounds like !!!FUN!!!

The point of slimepit is that it has no point at all :slight_smile:

I have reached the bottom of a blob pit, but that was a char with full survivor armor, marloss berries, a katana, 3 Granade buffs, and 30+ melee skill. You can clear the rooms, but you can’t stop the spawning on the surface. I got 2000+ blob kills and 8000+ small blob kills. It was a medium-sized blob pit, and I burned probably about ~1000 blobs when I burned a whole floor. Slime is flammable, and fire kills don’t split blobs.

EDIT: If you’re going to burn the slime, bring a gas mask and food. You’re going to have to hide in the walls for a day or so while the smoke clears.

I really wish someone would revamp slime pits so they actually had a point, because right now the best solution is pretty much to just ignore it and make sure you don’t go near it. It’s not particularly fun to take on like the grove or labs, and there’s no particular reward even if you do.


Needs loot.

But what’s down there actually? It’s normal for labs or bunkers to have loot, but a slime pit is just that, a pit filled with slimes. The way I see it, slime pit is there as an obstacle, a constant to your survival strategy, if the devs decide to give reward for clearing the pit, IMO the removal of that particular pit is a reward in itself. Maybe some way to permanently or semi-permanent seal off a pit but that’s it.

The main benefit is lot’s of blob for cooking up mutagens, other than that there is no real reason to go near one.