Weather effect: Raining spores

As fungal stalks are a piece of the lore. Why not introduce a new weather effect. A very rare one at that.

Raining spores. Which can cause fungal infections on players not inside or not wearing enough protection. Creates spore monsters associated with normal monsters in the biome, and the flying spores.

Perhaps only if you are within X spots of a fungal spire. Or it could create new spires.

(was thinking about the space spores inés_du_temps ).


I don’t think it’s a good idea for the entire map, but it might be acceptable if it was confined to within a couple of map tiles around a fungal spire.

Can we get fallout if we’re near craters? XD

I always approve of any additions to the weather and environmental system.

In fact, a way I could see this going is if there were of course, the biomes we start with in the map; the forests, cities, fields and swamps.

But there were certain advanced biomes that came into play as the game progresses. These biomes would modify spawn lists, terrain, local weather, ect to simulate alienation zones caused by portal distortion and tears in reality, fungal forests from the towers, grove jungles growing from the triffid hearts, expanding wastes and ashlands, cybernetic hives caused by replicating rogue bots and AI, and more.

Even human factions could benefit from these biomes by allowing for the expansion of survivor settlements and the management of their populations and territorial control (various settlements becoming a sort of ‘biome’ associated with humans or mutants.)

Different mechanics or triggers could alter he growth and contraction of these biomes, and importantly (for those who like customization) one could associate certain items and monsters with certain biomes and thus more easily cull them!


I hate fungaloids enough.

Or, if you’re gonna make fungal rain, have anti-fungal medication hail to go along with it.

Fungal parasite is rough enough already.

Yeah, honestly the fungaloids and fungal zombies are already enough to deal with, and I’d rather it not be implemented at all. But people around here seem to have an inexplicable love for the fungal stuff, so I figure keeping it as self-enclosed as possible would be a good compromise. Although as far as my own personal view goes, I really don’t think this needs to be added.

I actually added antifungal drugs a few nights ago (they’re far better and healthier than eating industrial-grade fungicide). Antiparasitic drugs to treat dermatik infestation, too.

My two cents:
There should be some kind of warning so inappropriately equipped characters can get clear (eg. The day before a short rain with a bit of fungal matter in it that alerts the player with messages but doesn’t actually infect)

Also maybe it could be a result of the spire being damaged or even destroyed?

If you had it trigger when the spire is damaged or destroyed, that just disincentivizes even going near a fungal spire. You take out fungal spires because you want to deal with less fungal monsters in the area, not more, and that’s not even considering the whole ‘new spires’ thing. Although I don’t think we have a way to implement the latter currently, anyhow.

A weather effect that warns of strange purple clouds or something should give you enough time to get safe. Same with acidic drizzle.

I envisioned it as being pretty rare. Rare enough to happen once ever 2 years or so. Just as a rare random event.

And the new anti fungal and anti parasitical stuff is indeed in. Thanks for that Rivet. Finally no more needing plant anti fungals.

Sounds like a lot of fun actually. definitely restrict them to within a few map tiles of a spire though.
That or migrating fungal clouds.
Maybe have them timed to set in across the mid or late game?
So those tetra-PhD Master Mechanical Meta-physicist Nihontou-forging cybernetic kung-fu snipers actually have some shit to worry about.

I certainly know I’d fucking ditch everything, craft a flamethrower (if I haven’t already) and stroll into the nearest town until the rains let up.

@Gtaguy: +1.

Sounds like lots of Fun! I too vote to make it either appear only after a certain time (so only mid and late-game characters have to worry about it) or close to the fungal spire. Ideally with a short warning, similar to the acid rain.

I like the idea, though I think it will work better once we get fungus and similar things spreading when you aren’t near them (which would allow this to occur in severe fungal infested areas).

I wanna see cities covered in the stuff :smiley:


I wanna see cities covered in the stuff :D[/quote]

What is this, the Last of I am Legend of Us?! ENOUGH!

I make the fungus. I brew the chicken-wine. I come to this game for an escape, not for the terrible reality that I have created, brewed from chicken and rot.

For the love of God, no more fungus. It reminds me too much of my real life.

But we all love FUNgus!