Weary being weird

Alright, so the weary state seems to have the same problem the invisible activity thing was having a few months ago. Even after sleeping a good night’s rest, my character is still extremely weary, even if all i have been doing lately is reading.

Now, if this doesnt accelerate my calorie consumption, I wouldn’t see it as a pressing issue, but given the parallels, I think it probably is.

The long term fatigue system is definitely in that awkward ‘early work in progress’ stage at the moment.

On the plus side, the penalties for being modestly fatigued don’t seem to be too significant - but yes, even waiting/reading/sleeping seem to do very little to recover from it currently, which is annoying.

Just a display bug.

It does exactly the opposite, it limits your calorie consumption.

It does exactly the opposite, it limits your calorie consumption

How does that work from a realistic perspective? Being physically worn out should cause you to eat up more calories in order to return to normal levels, wouldn’t it?

You cannot keep working at the rate you are, so you slow down and burn less energy.

It’s what really happens if you burn off more energy than you have: you stop being able to push yourself as hard.

Still gotta work out a few kinks, like being able to find that last burst of life and death energy and things.

Are you saying the game throttles your action speed by way of limiting calorie consumption? because if so, that is crazy cool back-end stuff.

Yep. e.g. if you’re digging a pit at weariness 1, it takes 25% longer than with 0 weariness, because you’re performing it at 80% efficiency.