Fatigue system explained

Ever get angry at your character for not falling asleep after a long day of looting, walking, fighting, crafting, and (hopefully) not dying?

Me too. So I went to the Wiki page for sleep. Apparently I need a high fatigue stat or be hungry (I’ll come back to that last one in a second).
So I thought to myself “Surely my character must be tired after all the shit I put him through in just a single day!”

So I opened up the wiki page to learn more about what influences my characters energy levels. Fatigue

According to this, my character’s fatigue is only affected time (click the link above to see what I mean), and some other traits that don’t affect a character of good physical and mental health.

Is this right? Cause last time I checked, sleeping is harder on an empty stomach and easier right after getting full on food. Also, time cannot be the ONLY variable affecting fatigue. With the amount of walking, fighting, crafting, and other forms of physical and mental work, I would think my character would be tired after that.

Can someone explain this please?

There’s nothing to explain, the system is relatively simple.
This sounds like a feature request disguised as a bug report.

Fatigue isn’t the only factor that makes it easier/harder to sleep. There’s also bed quality, drugs and traits. Those don’t affect fatigue, but are a factor in “sleepiness roll”.

Also, fatigue is affected by many things (not just time), but you are correct that physical excersise is not one of them.

Well, if you ever find one of those “massage sticks” then those are a great way to help induce fatigue. :wink:

you can aslo eat some pills or drink some cough syroup if you do not want to waste battery power

You’d lose out on the morale boost and associated focus increase, though. (Even though they might reset back to default while sleeping.)

Indeed, early in the game when I don’t have books to read yet or things to build and so forth, cough syrup (non-non-drowsy) is one of my essential things to have because it lets me sleep and heal through a lot of otherwise wasted time.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:3, topic:10618”]There’s nothing to explain, the system is relatively simple.
This sounds like a feature request disguised as a bug report.[/quote]

First of all, I apologize for the misleading title, I meant to put a question mark in the hopes that this thread would be a general discussion about the fatigue system that sorta explains the ins and outs (and possible flaws). My aim was to spark a discussion, so I thought it would be best if I put it in the section full of general discussions. Sorry Kevin Granade

And that’s kind of odd; while mental fatigue is accounted via a player’s “Focus” value, I don’t see any system that currently accounts that accounts for a character’s physical fatigue. Every time a character takes a step while carrying around a full load of gear, or every time they smash a zombie’s head in, they are doing some amount of physical work that does not have affect any attribute (although the clever microsleep system can get you killed in combat :stuck_out_tongue: ).

IRL, physical fatigue affects a person’s strength, focus (for a short period of time), and generally causes one to feel more “sleepy” than usual.

The way fatigue is affected by medicines, mutagens, foods, and other various external sources seems reasonable, but why isn’t a character’s physical fatigue accounted for in the game?

If it is, can someone explain it to me so I can finally understand why my character does or does not feel tired even after he killed 20 zombies, dug himself out from underneath a roof that collapsed on his head (the roof John Cena’d him out of nowhere! Thanks for adding roof physics guys!!! Seriously though I love how that’s a thing now), ran away from nether monsters, and lugged ~80 pounds of gear across a fairly large area (distance was around 25 map tiles if that helps).

I thought physical activity increased fatigue too, but I guess having a system that just accumulates fatigue through out the day makes sense game play wise. It simplifies a system that would other wise have to pull info from a dozen different places.

True, I never really thought of it from that point of view. Trying to make a system in which every action had to be associated with some value of physical work would be a tiresome task…
I think. I honestly don’t know if it’s possible since i have no coding experience…


Coolthulhu seemed to be working on something that would add calories to the game that could be different from the “nutrition” value that satisfies the hunger stat.
Perhaps Calories could be used as a sort of currency for different actions. The player gains calories from food, then burns them when performing various tasks. For example, digging a hole would cost more calories than reading a book or shooting a gun.

I don’t know if that idea was ever implemented, and I might actually be discussing some stuff that would be more appropriate in suggestions section of this forum. Sorry for throwing suggestions on the general discussion board.

No, that’s supposed to be a change to more natural units that everyone is familiar with. It’s just hunger with a multiplier.
Having physical activity drain nutrition is planned too, though not as a part of that PR.

No, that’s supposed to be a change to more natural units that everyone is familiar with. It’s just hunger with a multiplier.
Having physical activity drain nutrition is planned too, though not as a part of that PR.[/quote]

Oh cool. Thanks Coolthulhu!

So stamina is in game, but it doesn’t affect how tired my character is?

How strange is that lol XD

I wonder how hard it would be to have your fatigue dinged every time you drop a point on your stamina bar. That would be killer though.

Coding is not my strong suit, but at a guess…should be adding an “If” like:

The tricky part is the math. As stamina is scaled; it goes up and down. So where ever that number is, call it “X”. The amount of fatigue that would apply to how sleepy my character is would have to have an equally scaled in conjunction to X.

If X = stamina at any location from 1-100. Then depending on where stamina is, the lower stamina happens to be, the more fatigue there should be. Not sure how to make that into a math equation though.

I’m guessing attaching an “If” onto stamina maybe a band aid on a larger feature. But Who knows, I don’t code worth a crap. Maybe it is just that easy.

Well perhaps I’m just weird or something but when I go running for a few miles in the morning and run to the point of exhaustion(or run out of stamina I guess), once I recover after a little while, I’m not really any more tired then I was before I ran and I go to bed the same time as if I hadn’t run. I know bashing heads in isn’t the same as running but still.

I’m to lazy to run for the hell of it. Usually only if something hungry is chasing me…like a lion or a zombie lol

But that is good info. I’ve been wondering about this since yesterday.

I’m not at all sure that more physical exertion leads to needing to sleep more. My understanding is that most of the required sleep time is fir neurological processes. OTOH I have noticed a link between exertion and being able to fall asleep.
Citations for or against would be nice.