Tiring Out from Nothing

I’m just standing in place or walking and I’m repeatedly getting the tired out message and I’m somehow very weary. I’m not working on crafts, not fighting any zombies, and I’m well below even a quarter of my carry weight. Can someone help me?

Are you Anemic? Have you lost a lot of blood recently?

I’m not anemic, but I’ve been in a few fights lately, how long does losing blood affect you?

I don’t recall if we’ve fixed it, but it used to be bugged such that recovering weariness gave you the same message as getting worse. Like, going frmo level 2 to 1 gave the same message as going from level 0 to 1. Are you actually improving and just getting the wrong message?

No, I’m remaining very weary, the only time I recover is from sleeping, but in the past I’ve been able to recover from reading a book for some other low intensity activity. When I sleep I do get recovery messages.


  1. Are you on latest experimental?
  2. Are you moving around at all or just sitting there? Even just walking across the room?

I am on the latest experimental. I am moving around a little, but I’m not overburdened so I thought that shouldn’t matter? I am able to recover while sleeping, but only then.

For the moment, if you move at all within a 5 minute span, you are considered to have spent the 5 minutes walking and not resting. This will be fixed by stable, I hope.

Oh wow, that’s huge, probably what caused most of my problems. If I remain at the same weariness will I repeatedly get the same message? Because if so that’s probably what was happening

If you bounce up and down along the edge of the same weariness level, you might get the same message repeatedly, I don’t know if we fixed that bug

At this point I now have two separate weariness levels? Now I’m sure it’s a bug…

Also, I’ve taken a 8 hour sleep and I’m still very weary