Wearable chest flashlights

there should be a way to craft chest mounted flashlights like the military flashlight in silent hill, so it could free up headspace or hands
you could craft it with some string or duct tape and a flashlight

But why? The headlamp do the same thing.
Edit: Wait. Why you need to free up headspace?

like I just said, it would free up space on the head. headlamps take up a head slot and there are some much better helmets than mining helmets and it can be pretty inconvenient to be able to have to choose between being able to see and hold a weapon or protect your vitals.
And a better question is why not? There’s no downside to having more options available. Otherwise we wouldn’t have 75% of the makeshift crafting recipes

Which helmet you can’t use with a headlamp?

As others have stated, why not just use a headlamp? The only downside it has is that it periodically gets damaged in combat and require repairs, but that is a problem any wearable tool will have. It doesn’t even prevent you from putting on other helmets.

Just in case you’re thinking that the lamps are only limited to mining helmets. Headlamps work with nearly any(?).

To the best of my knowledge, the only helm you can’t wear one with is a power armour helm. A chest one wouldn’t do anything for that though as you wouldn’t be able to wear that with power armour either.

Seen this in a topless bar once. Some dude nearly lost an eye when the gal went full spin cycle with those heavenly hills! :crazy_face:

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flashlight pasties
covers: chest coverage: 5%
20 bash damage