I want a helmet with a flashlight attached to it

Duct tape.

LOTS of duct tape.

A helmet.

A random item.


The superawesome handmadecraftingthings!

What is this? I tought that it would be awesome to be able to tape a flashlight to a helmet. It could still make you see on dark, so it would be a miner hat. Or to tape that cigarretes. Or an spear. To tape the flashlight to the kevlar vest, in the top. Or taping that glasses to the helmet, why not?

Taping the scrap metal to some parts of the cargo pants for extra protection. Or the magazines to the sleeves for bite protection. Or taping spears on the boots for better kicks. Or taping barbed wire to your backpack so it hurts when attacked? Who knows? Endless possibilities.

The taping would be only allowed to clothes for now. What do you think?

So, it changes the stats, the effects, and the name.

Tactical Helmet-Flashlight (100)

I wanna tape a UPS to a flashlight/coilgun/powerarmor/welder/car(?)/water purifier.


While I love the idea of taping objects to each other this would require a ton of code to work anything near properly.

Well, thinking about it, i think it should only combine both objects stats and tags (the thing that makes it give light, etc) without merging the basic attack ones (like ToHit, Cut, etc.)

If you want this you could make a bunch of new duct-tape dependent recipes using the existing crafting system via lots of copy + paste.

The benefit’s pretty minimal, since all you’re gaining is some volume in your inventory. I don’t believe there are currently any penalties associated with doing stuff with the flashlight on,