Light Emitting Diodes

Why don’t we have LED Flashlights & Headlights? My flashlight’s an LED in reality and this thing’s bloody solid as a rock and bright on top of that. Meanwhile in CDDA we’ve got laser weapons, plasma weapons, powered armor, nuclear powered cars [size=1pt]let’s face it I’m just tired of clipping a brush and having twelve flashlights explode on my vehicle[/size]

And flashlights from the late 40s?

LED Flashlights are incredibly more battery efficient at that too, which would be nice since currently flashlight effectiveness drops off after 30% of a ‘battery’ is used

Yeah, goddamn.

We also need alcohol burners, which are reload able crappy gas lanterns that can cook food.

New flashlight, the hand-crank flashlight!

Takes no batteries, but only generates light when wielded and constantly makes noise for enemies to home in on. :stuck_out_tongue:

(and the bush thing should be fixed mostly in the experimental, unless you are hitting the bush right next to the flashlights, in which case I’d say it’s fair game if they break).

Well you could charge it in your base (presuming you’re safe) and it would remain charged, but would loose charge slowly.

I don’t know about you, but I find that after a fairly short amount of time (a few months, less if you use it often) those things hold like no charge at all, requiring constant cranking if you want a light any stronger then a match.

Hm… touche. But it has to be strong enough to have players use it, but not too strong so that players will use regular flashlights as scrap metal and battery supplies.

Not really, this is not la pièce bien faite. Unless there is a serious need, things work the way they work in reality. If that relegates some items to being window dressing and scrap, so be it.

Something like that would be cool.

What about hunting floodlights, and xenon ion lights?

Either way, brush guards and harden lights exist IRL, can we get them in game so we can get rid of an in game annoyance. Add the balanced damned equipment. Add some damned HUMVEEs to scavenge the things from…