We need wall explosives

Pickaxes and jackhammers are great, but sometimes you want to go through a wall in less than half to a full hour. I know you can try to blow up a wall but having an armed explosive next to it but sometimes it doesn’t work. I propose explosives that you can stick to or insert into walls to remove their ghastly presence from your bubble of existence so that you can proceed to looting poste-haste. With the added bonus of allerting every life form for miles to your relative position and proximity-based safety hazards, of course.

Ideas for application:

  1. Dynamite: Use a hand or electric drill for a minute or two to drill a small hole into the space you plan to blow up and then drop a stick of dynamite in it. Light it up while it’s in the hole next to you then and run for cover, lest you wish to be part of the rubble. Will likely only be used on normal walls and rock walls underground while mining.

  2. High grade and low grade C4: Attach and arm the C4 to whatever you want and then with a remote or timer set it off. Low grade for use on locked metal doors and high grade for more stubborn things like walls and the reinforced steel you find in labs and such.


Breaching charges would be nice, but I’m wondering if the little problem with holes appearing in the ground wherever a wall gets broken has been fixed yet. Breaching charges would be kind of pointless if all you do is make a hole that you need to take off all of your gear to jump over.

Something I would often do in lab escapes is deconstruct a sandbag wall from the armory and then rebuild it around wherever I want to make a new exit in the wall.

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Thats a neat trick.

I have noticed that some walls are really weaker that others, like civilian walls (from houses an the such) sometimes shooting a rifle of 50 damage twice or thrice breaks them, so smashing with an sledge hammer should do the work too. sadly as mentioned above, is no sue if the hole problem isnt solved get

It’s like no one carries around a single plank in their inventory… just in case you need it to cross holes, help with keeping a fire going, etc.

I’d imagine a breach charge would concentrate their explosive power into a penetrating blast that goes 2 or 3 tiles deep.

I don’t think planks can be used to cross missing tiles the way they can be used to cross deep pits, which were what originally showed up when you destroyed a concrete wall, but I’ll try it out next time I get the opportunity.

dont waste time, they dont work like that, tried it and there doesnt appear to be any option to apply them like that

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Welp, extra inventory space for me then. Never really understood why destroying constructed walls left holes or missing tiles. It’s not logical. The rubble made in the process would at the very least fill in such holes.

It’s a new bug, one within the last month or so. I’m sure they’re trying to fix it.