We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)

GENOCIDE trait, wherein players are forbidden to talk with NPCs and are always hostile towards them.
Its like the PSYCHOPATH trait, but provides morale boost from killing NPCs and other monsters with GUILT flag in them.

Good for those isolated jerks :heart:

More arbitrary and subjective morale penalties! Upset about defending yourself against what may as well be a midget psychopath with a knife and superhuman traits? Angsty over your shoes getting dirty because the guy next to you died in a particularly bloody manner? Why stop there!?

  • Killed a dog? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Killed a zombie dog? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Broke a limb? MORALE PENALTY!
  • In pain? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Damaged your named sword? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Crashed your car? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Killed a guy trying to kill you? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Found some of your favorite food already rotten? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Saw a particularly large and mutated zombie that would be intimidating to a normal person but you know your super mutant cyborg could take it? MORALE PENALTY!
  • Slept without a proper bed, blanket, pillow, and a goodnight kiss? You bet your flame-resistant socks+1 that’s a MORALE PENALTY!

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You attempt to pet the zombie dog. It bites your hand! -2000 mood!


Zombie dog:

Get the flamethrower, Coyote.

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Vehicles have working mirrors.

Houses can have mirror furniture.

The mirror furniture should work too and allow us to see behind corners!

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New Profession: Insurance Salesperson. Starts with a suit and briefcase, Speech 3 and Barter 3, and has a Profession Trait just called “Insurance Salesperson”.

All NPC interactions on a character with this trait contain speech checks wherein you attempt to sell them insurance on whatever the subject matter is, no matter how inappropriate the timing. Need to go retrieve some weather records? Sell them insurance on the building the records are in. They need you to rescue their dog? Pet Insurance. Kill their Zombie Mom? Life Insurance. If you pass the speech check they purchase a policy from you, resulting in you gaining some money. You will have to pay up though, if you sell them pet insurance then take the mission to rescue the dog and the dog dies.

Another effect, not listed in the description, is that the trait automatically tends mutations toward Bird (Duck) or reptile (Gecko).

Once you’re post Bird-threshold, all of your dialogue is replaced with shouts of “AFLAC!”, including NPC conversation dialogue. Extended conversations with NPCs may randomly and abruptly end with them turning hostile to get you to shut up. Also, post Bird has Shouter, which causes you to involuntarily shout “AFLAC!”, even in your sleep.


Care for some “portable” overkill?

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Vehicles require oil and break and transmission fluid as well. Also…not having windshield wiper fluid will cut off line of sight after a period of time.

When throwing Molotov cocktails with low throwing skill (3 or less), you have a chance to drop it, setting yourself alight.

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Going to sleep with enhanced memory banks enabled will eventually give you one mental illness or another. You remember everything. Your dreams. Your nightmares. Every little toss and turn. Your mind can’t really handle it. Overwhelming! You start hallucinating. Permanently. The hallucinations never seem to fade.
Turn the CBM off and things don’t get any better. Common reality sucks! It sucks so much. You miss your mania and your mind starts deteriorating without meds. Alzheimer’s disease kicks in at some point. Severe depression. Intelligence tanks. Everything is terrible! AUGH!


Batteris should not work at below certain temperature. Both car and hand held batteries.

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When multi-tile enemies become a thing I want to see blob possessed vehicles scattered about the world. Most of them will be large enough, fast enough, and tough enough that fighting them without a vehicle of your own is an arduous task.

Herbie: Low-tier, early game spawn. A living Beetle. Not innately hostile but not hard to aggro.

Christine: Indiscernible from normal cars that spawn in garages appended to houses. Always spawns with incredibly useful car parts and turns hostile if you attempt to remove one.

Thomas the Tank Engine: The childhood icon, except now it wants to kill you.

Thomas the Shank Engine: Someone welded long spikes to this model before it came to life. It enjoys ramming you at high-speeds.

Thomas the Gank Engine: Always spawns in large groups.

Thomas the Dank Engine: Someone was hiding a large stash of marijuana in this model’s firebox before it came to life. Incredibly difficult to aggro.

When that’s done, there will be a new Gods of the Cataclysm Challenge: to suplex a train.


Just imagine the meta of finding a creepy doll and keeping it just for it to spawn combat knives for a freshly made character to use


All zombie garments should behave as they would for the player character, in regard to armor. So if some chick has a kevlar vest and is getting a little chew happy on ya. You would have to get through that armor or land a shot else where on the zombie. Assuming this isn’t already implemented. I really don’t know.


Add back in explosive shotgun shells.

Also add in mods for some pistols to give those pistol semi/automatic fire options and features.

Combine a taser and a massager to craft the “Electric Boogaloo”

Guaranteed to knock your socks off!

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Guns with rusty steel instead of normal steel, constantly malfunctions and is very hard to aim