We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


The ability to turn fungal stuff into pseudoweed and sell to NPCs for stupid money


Multitools are more common than you think. I carry 2 and i know at least 50% of the it department has some sort of multitool.

For my bad suggestion you collect a volleyball named wilson and it starts to talk to you more often the longer your game lasts.


One of my favorite in game items. But they spawn like, 1 in every 3 mobs that can carry items. That is a bit much and I forgot how to lower this :disappointed_relieved:


You can now use a tailor’s kit to plate your armor with steel vehicle armor, quadrupling encumbrance but doubling protection against damage. If applied to power armor, it snaps your spine from the weight.


Every bullet has a chance to ricochet and every ricochet has a chance of doing significant damage to the player. This will be based on the caliber of the round fired, as well as what surface is behind/beneath the target. Ultimately, because we’re professionals, the bullet data needs to be extremely accurate with lots of formulas.

All of this information needs to be tracked, and the goal is to put as much load on the CPU as possible.


You do know car stereo systems are in the game, right?
And you can turn them on for zombie distraction and morale boost? :smile:

The interesting thing is previously you could find music CD to be able to listen to it. Now it’s a default, which makes me sad.


wait they added it??


That’s in the game for I don’t remember how long actually. But I only play experimental versions. So have no idea if it was the thing in O.C


wait what if they added it cause of my idea? (I highly doubt it though)


I doubt it too, you suggested it 10 days ago. And it was there in at least 2016 I think :wink:


Add - The Ability to romance with zombies

so we could roleplay dating a zombie because its 2019 and if people can marry anime girls I want to be able to romance a zombie in a game :+1:


Swimmer zeds are sexy, yup. All that rotten flesh in bikini…


add “The intimate parts of the back of this pillow is wet and sticky” on
The body pillow and the hability to make an item called waifu armor that makes all the NPC’s love you


Add backblast to rockets, gotta watch out when firing that law, could gib your closest companion…



Challenge Mode: kill two hulks at once with the rocket shot and the backblast.

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Eh, my wife looks better. Could be worse I suppose.
Ever since I turned 16 (and probably before) and suddenly started wanted to date, I’ve always felt that increased modesty increases attraction.
Unless you’re trying to have kids of course :wink:


Wet food.

lets make food wet too. And this time a towel won’t save you.

Wet foods are less appealing and rot faster.

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That’s a properly weird thing for you to say. All of it. Peculiar, at best.


To be fair. It is a thread about bad ideas.