We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)

A kauju. Mod that places 40 tile high Godzilla sprite. He Walks through all tiles like air and has a breath weapon like the fusion blaster.

Could perhaps code just the feet and have it disappear as to simulate the lifting of the foot. Then crush everything X tiles away in the imprint of the foot =)


All dogs have a chance at downing the pawn, always give infections for bite wounds, and cripple all limbs except torso and head, as for they do almost no damage, making your death: inevitable, very long, and painful. Add permanent limb damage for stepping in acid/smoke/gas that never heals without the aid of CBMs, and those CBMs can be permanently damaged as well, resulting in you having to remove those broken CBMs and placing more CBMs as well.

The ability to drift sports cars.

On my dad’s mission, his friend was going to get attacked by a dog, so he kicked said dog and, due to it being a small dog, it more or less flew.
Most of what you said makes sense to say in this thread, but not ‘inevitable.’ There are also guns. That too.
My dad was in the marines and either him or someone with him missed a tank with their gun and turned a sheep into place pink mist. They got in trouble after that.
Guns can be… terrifying.

On the topic of guns and this thread, ones that are powerful enough have a chance to turn either you or weakish enemies into a fine mist, similar to that one sheep.

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This post is off-topic:

For an on-topic suggestion, filth should accumulate on clothes over the course of the day, requiring you to keep multiple changes of clothes in your base and launder your clothes periodically


When not constantly using items that have any wires at all, (MP3 player as an example) they have a chance to get entangled, and if you don’t untangle it, it will slowly progress such as “Entangled (1), Entangled (2), Entangled (3).” and require more time to untangle it. Every 10 minutes not in use, the item will entangle itself once.


Boomers, except they spray, and explode into, Poison Ivy oil.


C4 Boomers and Acid Boomers. Maybe not a terrible idea but terrible to go against.

C4 Boomers would probably be suicide bombers who died without their explosives going off.


You should be able to challange the thriller zombie to a dance off and if you win you get his zombie horde, and if you lose might as well have killed him because you get torn apart by hulks


How good you are at the dance off depends on how shnazzy your clothing is and your dexterity.

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Well, the Thriller Zombie is supposed to be MJ, so trying to beat him at a dance would have a worse chance than winning the lottery at least 10 times in a row…

No, a worse chance than winning the lottery by guessing the code 42 times in a row!

Up the chance of violent bowel movements caused by eating roadkill.


Here is a golden one, make CDDA a browser game (Like BRogue)


Best suggestion yet /thread.

Make it so that your body doesn’t purge poison/venom naturally so you have to drink antivenom every time you get attacked by anything with poison. Make it so that any poisonous plants will almost guarantee your death.


First we need more detailed auto/semi-auto firearm loading mechanism.

So that you first insert the magazine and then have to cycle the mechanism to put the first cartridge in the chamber.

Now if you have a gun that has magazine in but is not ready to shoot you can use it as a melee weapon. And after the first hit it is ready to shoot.

Like this https://youtu.be/plWUQcS5s88

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Killing animals with a flamethrower gives cooked meat after butchering.