We make AMAZING suggesting and come up with great ideas

This is meant to be a more professional thread about what You actually want in the game, not like the one this is obviously based off of.

Examples of what to NOT put here would be stuff like the following:
-Urinating and Deficated (No, just no. Kevin already established this too)
-Random and illogical references, like adding Gordon Freeman from Half Life, light sabers, or the alien from Alien. (If you make something properly fit in the game, then sure.)
-Anything magical (makes me sad but it needs to have some explication. Stinkin’ sci-fi focused games)
-Any items/gear that don’t make sense (No Afros of Encumbrance or Legendary Bacon Underwear)
I’m sure you guys get it. Hopefully.

o_o I’d love to see the xenomorph from Alien wearing legendary bacon underwear. You know, just sort of hanging out with Gordon Freeman while defecating everywhere.

Can we do that? Developers?

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If you want to make serious suggestions, make new topics in the drawing board subforum.

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