Water Springs Eternal... from abandoned cars

Windows - SDL

All vehicles seem to allow for the ‘drain water’ action. If I have a rubber hose, then it highlights the option, but I can ‘drain’ it regardless.

However, unless the vehicle actually has water in a water tank it doesn’t fill the container with any portions (Portions : 0), but the container becomes “Container of Clean Water” and it can be drunk reducing thirst as normal, leaving a normal empty container.

Multiple attempts will go through the motions, but NOT fill up the container any beyond the phantom portion.

The container can receive more portions of clean water from sources of real portions, and still displays error of trying to mix liquids.

First stumbled on in regular game, then, reset and spawned vehicles (RV, cars, even the shopping cart) with debug.

Would appreciate some extra testing.


Yeah I’ve experienced this in the last few builds, but never reported it due to it being somewhat trivial compared to other bugs.
But yeah, basically exactly as you said Rog - described it perfectly.

I’m not sure if the option to drain was ever highlighted for me, but either way it was always possible to drain.

The same basic thing happens when you try to interact with your RV kitchen unit and then put water in container.

It ends up as a ‘container of clean water’ that contains no actual portions yet can still be consumed from once, as if it held a single, phantom portion.

Yeah I thought about posting this as a way to get clean water for the “All My Kingdom…” thread. I’m kinda worried that when they fix it I’ll have been too accustom to the free water and won’t be able to fend for myself : P

Edit: “My Kingdom for a sip of water!”

You just had to report it didn’t you! How I hate you :wink:

And now that we all know about it its gonna get fixed and I will have to start lugging water jugs everywhere again. Ohh my poor inventory space!

I certainly did. I thought about it, it’s a extra ‘feature’ for some free water, but ultimately, I don’t think we want code doing things that are unintended. It is a single player game, and exploits are completely up to you to use, there are no earth shattering ramifications if you do, and I wouldn’t blame anyone who uses one to extend their experience.

Usually after I play a game through or for a while (single player games), I pull out Cheat Engine and play a new game, “The Hunt for my Variable’s Address”.

To be honest, You could shove a bottle in a car’s windscreen drain and get water that way.
I just think that the game is trying to drain a water tank.

I’d vote to leave it in, in any case.

This has been fixed, there was a “break;” missing in the code causing some accidental fall-through.