[0.8 Stable] Water tank always shows 0%

SDL , Windows 7
Tiles deactivated

Hi. Problem as the subject says. To be precise: Build a “vehicle” with two water tanks and a kitchen unit, there is also a storage battery and a solar panel built in (Storage battery works fine). Filled both tanks with clean water to about 75%. After a few more (RL) minutes of gameplay went back to the vehicle and it showed 0% water. Can drink and fill containers (which show as filled with cleaned water but with 0 portions). Can refill with those containers, still 0%. Filled clean water from another source: Still 0%.

Didn’t left the region of the vehicle except for going down into the basement of the building and back.

After removing one water tank, the meter is still at 0%, but this time for real: No drinking or refilling of containers possible. Refilling works fine again.
Problem with multiple watertanks in one vehicle?

Probably it was the basement that did it. Different z-levels are still… Warped. Other than that… shrugs

That was more a problem with refilling containers. Attempting to fill an already filled container with a Kitchen Unit caused the water tank to empty out it’s entire water store and then some, causing an underflow glitch and in effect creating an infinite water source. But this has been fixed for some time in experimental builds.