Can't drink water from my mobile base no more?

Hey guys. I have a weird issue in my game. I have played for so long (ellison stable release) and built an entire mobile base. Suddenly outta nowhere and with no discernible reason. I can no longer drink any water from my RV kitchen. (was working perfectly fine for nearly 100 days) Now there is no option for drinking when using the RV kitchen. Even installing a water faucet doesn’t help. Removing and reinstalling the RV kitchen unit… the water tank… Still no option is popping up. It’s a complete mystery. (nothing is damaged… nothing was changed…) just woke up one day and no more option to drink water. I’m really far and put many many hours into this new save. Anyone else have same issue? (upgrading to ellison 2 or using experimental… doesn’t fix the issue sadly)

Is the water frozen?

It does not appear to be frozen. (no texts anywhere saying so) I can stand outside my vehicle and use the rubber hose to siphon some out and drink it that way. So that doesn’t seem to be the issue unfortunately

can you still craft with the water in the tank, or do you need to siphon it for that?

Did the other options you (should) get by examining the kitchen unit (Use the [h]otplate, Fill a [c]ontainer with water) disappear as well?

Hey guys,

Yes i can still craft from the outside of my vehicle directly from the tank without siphoning the water first.

My hotplate option is still there when examining it. But “fill a container” and “have a drink” have both vanished.

Hm… an other question just popped into my head…:
Is the tank filled with clean water or just water?

…apparently, regular water is too gooey to come out of a tap…

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Nice one, you are a genius… Solved…

But… Does that mean clean water goes ‘off’ or ‘dirty’ after a short while in the tank??

I most certainly did boil all the water making it clean, and it was even hot water in my tank for quite a while. So did it go dirty from being in the tank after a few days??? (or after it cooled down)

Thanks dude you saved my ‘save’ lol :smiley:

Glad I could help :smile: .

I’ve never experienced clean water turning back into water. Even with a funnel over the tank, as far as I know, it should stay as clean water and not fill the tank (unless that was changed at some point).
But I’m not sure, maybe it does go stale after a while…

Tx alot! :smiley: I never noticed it was back to normal water as i had thoroughly cleaned each and every drop by hand lol. So it didn’t occur to me. I appreciate it

I’ve made many mobile bases before and never saw this issue too with clean water reverting back to normal or getting dirty inside a tank. Only 100 days in or so and that tank has only been full maybe 50 of those days.

Seeing as you mention the funnel… i did install one (a few days before said issue) and perhaps somehow the rain is contaminating it?? (It literally had gone to dirty water without any reason) I never had an issue the entire time until either the cooling from hot to cold somehow made it go back to normal water, or that funnel collecting rain somehow was involved.

I was able to confirm this for build version 0.E-10600 (probably accurate for 0.E stable as well, but I had this specific version still lying around so I’ve saved me the investment of downloading it)…

I spawned in an undamaged Luxury RV with a 60L tank (full of clean water, which I’ve first dumped on the ground) and filled said tank with 0.5L clean water and installed a (normal) funnel on the tank tile.
Debugging in rain in different stages (Rain/Strom/Acidic) did nothing (or at least I did not see anything).
So I’ve wandered a few overmap tiles away and waited for rain (or in my case, Drizzle).
After returning to the RV, even though it stopped raining/drizzling as I’ve got close to the RV, its tank was filled with 14.8L of (normal) water.

So yeah, rain either overwrites whatever’s the content of the tank underneath the funnel, or just does so with clean water in an act of simulating contaminants in the rain.

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Hey Valase,

Man you are a legend. Thanks For taking the time to investigate this further and confirming it is indeed the issue. I normally only play on the experimental versions but sadly they have been bugging out big time lately and that was the only reason i decided to play in Ellison stable.

So my solution is to remove that damn funnel and refill with clean water (Hopefully having the funnel installed once did not mess up the mechanics of my tank forever) Sadly if i move my save into the latest experimental i’m stuck with sooooo many crashes for ridiculous things like just walking over tiles.

Thanks buddy i really appreciate all your time invested on this silly issue i encountered. :smiley:

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if you install either a FOODCO Kitchen Buddy or a stand-alone water purifier, you can fill a tank with unclean water, and then use battery power to purify the water in your tanks. My normal modus operandi is to have three 60L tanks in my mobile base with water(and 10 more 60L tanks for various other fluids). If I’m getting low, I’ll find a place to refill(or make one by digging a well if there’s nothing convenient), and siphon out any tanks of water that aren’t full, then refill them and re-purify them.

Tx for the tip bro, i should look for or create a water purifier (if possible) sometime as well. All is good in the land with my water tank now after removing the funnel. (Until i get a foodco or purifier as suggested) :slight_smile:

Not trying to go off topic but wow your mobile base sounds quite hardcore, for so many tanks it must be quite wide? Doesn’t that make it difficult to move around the world due to obstacles? (Over bridges or cluttered streets of cities for instance?)

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