Warning: Possible mansion spoiler

Been playing for about a month now and just tried a new method of sorting the basement in a mansion. I had killed all the possible Z’s however I could still hear something making noise. After exploring a bit I realised the basement layout had some space missing and after a little more exploring I moved a locker to find a hidden metal door which leads to a hidden room.

Its early in the game and I am not able to get through yet (so far have tried a match head bomb and a homewrecker) but haven’t seen anything online about it and was wondering if a new feature/first discovery or if anyone else has found this room. Also any advice on the quickest way to get in would be useful.

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Nope not new, get an acetylene torch to cut through it. The hidden rooms on the ground or upper floor are easier to get into as the walls are not as strong.

Huh. I remember hearing those noises in the mansions. Never figured out where they were coming from, though. Spent a lot of power tunneling through walls, with no result. Strange…

Check behind lockers, and bookshelfs, never seen one behind any washers or dryers, but those block view too. Most I’ve found do not have people in them making noises. Just have to look over the place and go, hmm those rooms don’t add up, I took 10 steps from the other door, to get to this door but each room only goes 2 steps towards each other and walls, hmm, that leaves a 6 space gap, let me move that bookshelf.