What should be expected for a mansion?

First time trying to loot a mansion. Carefully checked, the mansion has 3 floors, only found one hidden vault with some ammo inside.

No excessive amount of food, no private library, no ‘supernatural objects’(as described in wiki), just a chain armor suit at the entrance of mansion.

Did I miss something? Or is the mansion designed to be so disappointing?

and btw how many banks shall I loot for a set of power armor? have checked ~30 safes but no power armors.

Mansions have lots of loot that is very handy to early and mid-game players. If you are already well established than there is still historical armor and weapons and possibly some books you were missing from your collection.

The only '‘supernatural object’ that mansions can spawn in vanilla is the petrified eye, which is the key to a strange temple. If you play with any magic mods (Arcana, Magiclysm) then you might find magic books there too.

It sounds like you found everything, but I am not quite sure why you should be disappointed. Mansions are still almost free loot.

Bank safes now house gold and other precious (in the pre-cataclysm world) things, as you would expect from a real world bank. They don’t have power armor in them any more.

Try looking for power armor in military locations instead of in bank vaults.


Mansions are random too so not every mansion will have everything in it. They are still great locations to search in early or mid game though because the chance of getting tons of books and medieval gear early is too good to pass up.