Warning for type scope

Hi all got this error and I think it might be one of the many mods I am running

I get a few errors like this on world creation about a few scopes etc :frowning:

The warning says exactly what is wrong. The error was most likely caused by the change of aim_cost to aim_speed.

Thanks for replying in arts mod it doeas have it set though

“type” : “GUNMOD”,
“id” : “scope5”,
“name” : “V-XR Patrol Rifle Scope”,
“location”: “sights”,
“sight_dispersion” : -20,
“aim_speed” : 9,
“description” : “A medium range scope used by hunting rifles.”,
“weight” : 450,
“to_hit” : -3,
“color” : “dark_gray”,
“symbol” : “:”,
“material” : [“aluminum”, “glass”],
“mod_targets” : [“rifle”, “shotgun”, “smg”, “crossbow”, “launcher”],
“volume” : 2,
“price” : 68000,
“skill_required”: 5

Negative sight dispersion is invalid, set that to 0 or greater and it should resolve.

Thanks shall have a go at fixing this later then :slight_smile: