Help with Weapon modifications

so for story i have mods that at the least add weapons and weapon mods two i have some problems picking are Bow Scope and 5 Pin site. the scope says aim speed 2 and sight dispersion 1 while 5 pin sight has higher much higher numbers SD 11 AS 5 but i don’t know witch is better since i can’t tell if the higher numbers are worse or better.

Higher aim speed is better.

Lower dispersion is better.

ok thanks tha helps i think i will take the 5 point since i has the higher speed and i tend to fight alone being faster would help over rang

Aim speed as how many turns are to aim- So having scope would take two turns to aim, and 5 pin requiring 5 turns to aim (Precise I think)…

You generally want to get aim speed higher, unless it means adding a mod that will make the weapon noticeably heavier or larger – that can cancel out the aim speed improvement in some cases.
Dispersion is how far off true the bullet will veer, while aim speed tells you how much recoil/inaccuracy you can compensate for per tick of aiming.

So Aim Speed affects recoil, and not the time it takes to aim the current shot?

They are ‘abstract’ numbers and not related to game turns, just like temperature in your body parts is not celcius.

Also you got them the wrong way around. It makes sense if you think about… speed is a positive attribute (just like your character’s speed), whereas dispersion is negative when talking about accuracy.

High speed = good
High dispersion = bad

Recoil = decreases your aim after shooting / moving, think of this as a permanent variable number state that affects your accuracy, you can see your current recoil (high-medium-low) in the sidebar gun firing info. You can decrease current recoil by spending time to aim your gun. You can’t re-aim your gun during burst. Your gun’s recoil attribute simply tells you how much the gun adds to your recoil state when you fire it.

Handling modifier (eg: forward grip) = decreases the amount of recoil after shooting when you install it on a weapon.

Aim speed = how much time it takes to re-aim after shooting or moving, in other words, how fast you can reduce current recoil by aiming.

You could have a gun that aims very fast but still has massive recoil, like a laser sighted revolver. Thus you have to re-aim more after every shot due to high recoil, making fast aiming very preferable. If you want a good burst weapon, you want minimal recoil (like sub-machine guns) so your accuracy takes a minimal penalty after every shot in the burst.

Which scope the game uses is based on the scope’s aim speed and your current recoil. Eg. if you have a laser sighted assault rifle with a sniper scope, the sniper scope is only used with 0 recoil (perfect precise aim) because the aim speed of the scope is 0. But I haven’t looked the code on this, only what I’ve read about and tested in game.

It’s handled automatically and you really don’t have to worry about it because it makes the perfect sense, you don’t wanna be using a sniper scope when there’s a zombie next to you.

i remember one of my own mod’s gun, a sniper rifle, was designed to be rare, powerful and modifiable (even the caliber is .75 AMR) and powerful enough to kill some tank on one shot…

my favorite gun is to capable of shooting enemies at long range with high accuracy and medium dispersion…

Should’ve just made a rocket launcher, basically the best sniper you can get anyways…

i was early game (i don’t have the map anymore) so rocket launcher was a big no. and the explosion and noise would be bad