Sight dispersion and mods

Am I right in assuming less sight dispersion = better?

Apparently game takes the lowest value of sight dispersion from the gun itself and all installed mods, and uses that. But it’s kinda strange considering the simplest sights mod (improved iron sights) has the lowest sight dispersion value.

Oversight? No pun intended.

Also I apparently can no longer achieve zero total dispersion :confused:

Less dispersion is good.

I thought the mods adjusted the base value of the gun, hence why some mods have negative dispersion values (particularly ones that should make you more accurate).

They do not have negative dispersion values.
Improved iron sights has 45. Others are in the range of 60 to 105.

Are you using an experimental build or old one? My mods have low/negative values and I don’t think I’ve seen a weapon with higher than 20 dispersion.


Sounds like they changed it then, so can’t help you there.

Yeah. New aiming system uses MoA instead of degrees, IIRC.