Heart attack and respiratory failure warning message and detector?

Ya know, I always love to explore a lot bar and collect drinks, and always pickup the cigarette whatever I found, but the thing I was worry about, is heart attack and respiratory failure

I fear I may overdose by smokeing and drinking alcohol, I remember last time I was get blown by the fungal infection, and both my arm suddenly cripple

then I try to use the poppy painkiller to stop the pain from the arms, But I was overdose by painkiller, like 5 and 6, then died

before I die, I keep watching my depressants level on the state menu, I keep it on 15% because I thought as long as it dosn’t increase to 100% or nearly that, I should be fine

so, I want to know, since this game was set on the future, it should be have some technology to detect you health and reading your stimulant and depressants level you have?

how about just give me a warning message? I really don’t want to dead unpredictable.

I don’t known whether the Blood Analysis CBM reports that, but if not maybe it should.

Likewise, at least some vague messages similar to the new healthiness reports might be useful. Like “your heart feels like it’s running a mile a minute” or “you feel kinda fuzzyheaded” or such things upon hitting a given stim level.

It’s all not needed. Stim level can be found just by looking at your speed modificators. Painkillers/Depressants mean negative change, stimulants mean positive change. If sum of these go lower than -200 or higher than 250 - you are dead. For now it seems nigh impossible to overdose. For now you can reliably get overdose if you take 4 adrenaline shots at once. There is no other known to me drug which singlehandedly can cause you overdose, only if you mix them.

So basically yeah, the amount of aspirin it takes to overdose in-game is enough to kill you several times over in real life.

No wait, aspirin has a “maximum painkilling” value of 15, so it’s fat-out impossible to OD on aspirin. XD