Warmachine/Hordes Mod

So first time modding CDDA, gonna have lots of questions in the future, but for now, just building an Asset List for everything i want to make…which is extensive. For those who don’t know, Warmachine and Hordes is a steampunk/magic tabletop strategy game and they have a nice setup that meshes industrial era technologies with magic. I want to integrate this mod with base CDDA, Magiclysm, and Arcana. The goal is Custom Ammo, Armor/Clothing, Books, Enemies Enviromental Tiles, Locations, a few Martial Arts, Mutation Trees, NPCs, Spells, Starting Professions, Recipes, Spells, Vehicles and Vehicle Parts, and Weapons. So there will be alot to do and alot of questions in the future. I will keep you all apprised once I move out of my Asset List


I can only say good luck

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hey, new mods is good mods! update us when you got a workin version and i’ll test the heck out of it

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