Wait doesn't seem to be properly cancelling in ae153c5 windows xp

After picking through underbrush I find that I’ve resumed waiting.

I have a similar problem regarding… Basically anything that progresses time automatically for a while (waiting, crafting, reading, disassembly). If I manually cancel out, the next time I do almost any other action, it resumes the waiting/reading/crafting/disassembly until it’s done or I manually cancel out again. Once it’s done, it doesn’t happen again until I do one of them again.

At one point we made the presumption that folks would resume doing whatever it was they canceled. That might have gotten a bit too ironclad in the latest revisions. Thanks for reporting.

I assume a sort of “Interruption dealt with, do you wish to continue reading/removing/installing/repairing/butchering/crafting?” type of deal?

And removal of that as Y was presumed to be the answer, yeah.

No, this is my fault, I changed how the backlog of tasks worked so I could manage exiting advanced inventory, dropping or picking things up, and re-entering the advanced inventory menu, mut missed something about resuming. probably some code doesn’t call cancel_action() but instead overwrites the action directly.

Definitely my fault, but not as straightforward as I expected, I have a fix compiling now. Thanks for the clear reports.