VZ-58 stripper clip reloading

Hello everyone.

I have a question involving reloading a weapon that uses detachable magazines with a stripper clip. I plan to add a rifle called the VZ-58 into the game via a mod. It’s a Czech weapon, and is known for it’s ability to use SKS-derived 10 round stripper clips to reload in case of an emergency while also using 30 round detachable box magazines. Seeing how the magazine system works within the game I wouldn’t think it’s possible. But, of course, it never hurts to ask if it is.

Thank you in advance.

No idea but tell us more about your mod, I love vz-58, maybe make an underfolder plz?

It’s just a mod i’m putting together, nothing too special. Just some extra items, weapons, ammo, and fluff. Should be okay at least.

I think new code needs to be added to support internal magazines that can be reloaded via stripper clip or single rounds at a time. Much as I would love to see them.

We have a speed loader flag for, “a magazine that can be used to reload another item that holds ammo”.
I don’t have the details handy, but it should work. Search the code for SPEEDLOADER


I thought the SPEEDLOADER flag only works for weapons with it’s magazine sizes already determined in the code and not by the magazine it holds? Because If I remember correctly, putting a stripper clip as a magazine choice on a weapon without the clip_size line within it’s code makes it just takes the stripper clip itself and doesn’t add the ammo into the weapon’s magazine like an actual stripper clip. Or am I not seeing the right version?

If it works, you need to add the stripper clip as a reload option on the magazine, not the gun. If that doesn’t work, ping me and I’ll make it work.

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