Vortex stones

I’ve been looking for vortex stones but the spiral cavern I got to only had spiral stones. Is there anywhere else that I can find them or something im doing wrong.

10 spiral stones will work in the place of a vortex stone.

I’ve been trying to make the vortex parts for my vechicles to try them out. I went back to the cavern to see if i could mine vortex stones but all i got was regular stuff. If their is a way to change spiral stones into vortex stones that would help?

Last I checked, the recipes that use a vortex stone could be made with 10 spiral stones instead - the result of the recipe is the same either way, so that basically DOES turn 10 spiral stones into a vortex stone, for all practical purposes.

I haven’t checked that in a while - perhaps that doesn’t work anymore?

Did they ever even fix the vortex parts? Every experimental since they did the fuel system change (and lost the ability to reload car batteries) it’s impossible to reload the vortex engine/generator with the core.