Hello, I am quite new here (I play Cata quite long, but until recently, I didn’t make any changes to code myself).
Is there way to automatically regen charge to tool? I play with blazemod and now not working vortex generator. I already made it to accept vortex core as source, but initial 500000 power is not enough to be practical, as you don’t get vortex core that easily (or if I don’t made some not as hard to make as vortex generator recipe, which will give you one vortex core as byproduct). I don’t know, if there is some flag to make something infinite, like when you use atomic coffeemaker with heat flag. So its either increase that number to even higher number (which I don’t like), or make it regen its charge in a while, like you do with artifacts. Or that infinity power flag. I am not nature English speaker, so I don’t know, if I don’t write everything like I mean it, so please, have patience with me.
And is there some way to just eject spent core, to recharge it somehow (with some recipe, where you need unicorn blood or something like that).
I have plenty of time, so in near future I want to make some mod myself (I really need that shisha in game for long nights with tea and book), so this will greatly help me.

Try specifying “null” as fuel. It will not work with reactors, but could work with engines.
If that doesn’t work, then there is no way to mod it with jsons alone and the change would require changing C++. It wouldn’t necessarily be hard, but it is definitely more work to set up than just changing jsons.

That is sad. Well, time to made vortex core craftable from spiral stones and give it some unrealistic high power. Is there way to learn recipe for cortex core after making vortex generator? I mean, you automaticaly learn recipe for vortex core, after you make one vortex generator? Or is it too C++ work?

Well, this explains why I can’t even fit the damn core inside the engine. Guess I made that darned thing for nothing.

Well, if you want, i can paste here copy of what need to be changed to nicely put the cores into generator. its easy to replace, and it worked fine for me, once i changed epower value to something like 5 bilions or so :smiley: