Vehicle and corpse questions

  1. Is there something I can use to pulp a lot of corpses?
  2. Which is better: a vortex engine or a vortex generator?

Vortex engines and vortex generators are both perpetual motion machines that produce around 37 kW of power. The engine produces 37 kW of motive power and can be used to move your vehicle directly, while the generator produces 37 kW of electrical power but won’t move your vehicle.

They’re different tools for different uses: if you want a ridiculous amount of electrical power, install a vortex generator. There is nothing in the game that requires 37 kW of electrical power except electrical motors, but if you find yourself needing all that power, the generator is the tool to use. The engine, on the other hand, produces 37 kW of motive power forever but very little electric power (if any, I forget and don’t have the JSONs handy).

Now, you could hook an electric engine to a vortex generator, but an electric engine that outputs 37 kW of motive power requires about 41 kW of electric power, so this isn’t as good as building a vortex engine to start. Alternately, you can attach alternators to a vortex engine, but alternators have less than great efficiency so 1.5 kW of electric power costs you about 2 kW of motive power.

So which one you want depends on how you intend to use it. If you’re building a little self-propelled bike that will never run out of fuel, go with the vortex engine. If you’re retrofitting an atomic mini-tank into something that doesn’t eat up 80 plutonium cells every 3 hours, go with the vortex generator. But remember, 3 enhanced engines consume something like 150 kW at 60 mph, so you need to let the generator run for 4-5 hours for every hour you plan to drive the mini-tank.


Do the vortex stones pop up anywhere besides mines? I still haven’t found a mine yet.

As far as I can tell, they only show up in spiral caverns, and I’ve never seen a spiral cavern.

Errr I found one (the only one I’ve ever found) in a basement like an hour ago