Vitamin A Deficiency - How to Treat?

So I’m about 120 days into a game where I evolved very early into a Carnivore. I’ve been doing just fine, eating three meals a day, keeping my hunger low, trying to vary my diet when possible (sausages and smoked meats between kills, organs after a kill - though I wish there was a better way to preserve organs than just canning offal), but recently I’ve developed Vitamin A deficiency.

Now, my question is: how do I get rid of it, and what does it actually do to me?

I take at least one multivitamin every day (usually), I very rarely eat non-nutritious meat (there was a while where I ate only mutant meat, but learned quickly that this was a mistake), and I maintain a healthy restfulness/wakefulness cycle. What do I do?

Cooked liver should clear it up, that has a ton of vit A and taking two multivits a day should help keep it from coming back too soon. As for what it does, I’ve heard different things on that. In theory it’s supposed to mess up your vision after it gets worse.


If you’re playing experimental branch vitamin deficiency has no negative effects currently. You will get the message but no actual effect is applied to the character. When it’s working Vit-A deficiency will lower your night sight range.


It lowers perception; eat orange veggies like carrots. The seeds can be a bit tough to find if you cant clear towns yet. You can also find wild carrots by foraging, also rose hips collected from rose bushes in autumn have quite a bit iirc.

I would if I could; as mentioned, though, I am a Carnivore. Thank you for replying, though! I will keep it in mind for future characters.