Keeping health up as a carnivore?

Thanks to some random mutations I now have the carnivore trait, and combined with my starting trait of lactose intolerance, I am having a very difficult time keeping my health score up - seems like all the healthy foods are forbidden. Any suggestions?

Drink pine needle tea.

You should be able to make protein powder out of dehydrated meat and make that into protein drink. Woods Soup, haggis, and humble pie are also easy options. You would think those would be inedible but your guy actually picks the meat out of those dishes. You get fewer calories from them but they’re still edible and healthy.

You can also make your protein drink out of mutant meat and the toxin levels will drop significantly, to something like 7%, meaning you could slam a couple hundred calories of those a day for the health benefit and not run into any issues, just don’t try to live off of them.

Eggs have some pretty good vitamins and are carnivore-edible.

use purifier or get used to always having to hunt for meat

I think you missed the point. It’s not about getting calories, but about getting the nutrients that are scarce in meat.


Multivitamins, maybe? Dunno, just kinda crossed my mind. Potentially even supplements. Or the injectable specific vitamins/minerals. Might involve going and looting damn near every hospital, clinic, and house, but… not really like that isn’t something that is already fairly common and done as a result. Doesn’t hurt to check basements too. Just beware of acidic ants if you are near a town that also has an anthill in a ‘relatively’ close proximity of the place.

Literally went into a basement on the far side of town, away from the anthill and the tunnels, and there was like 12 of them lined up against the back wall as I came downstairs to loot it. Popped downstairs, had my handy (due to RNG) mutation of Night Vision… and activated it, took 1 step (even had full hp as well.) off the staircase… and then all I get is a prompt asking me if I want to watch the death of my character… I was so mad. Even had lightstep and everything. Literally a value of 2 sound… and I was straight melted by acid. Had decent acid resistant gear (with 80+% coverage) on my legs, arms, and feet, torso was somewhat weaker in protection, as was my head, but my head and torso were full covered. Got super salty and sad, because that character died in one of the dumbest ways possible, and had been a character that was in the running for nearly 200 days. …Acid ants man, they don’t mess around…

  1. Vitamins do nothing right now.
  2. They were referring to health not vitamins.
  3. The only vitamin (vit C) not found at all in meat is produced by carnivore mutation.

Been keeping healthy with a steady supply of tea, dandelion or dandelion + Burdock tea to be precise.

So far been working for me, but have only tested this method for a month ingame, so here’s hoping it’s sustainable long term.