Vitamin a food woes

Hi all, i need to know what types of food provide vitamin a since i’m suffering defficiency, thanks :wink:

What defficiencies are you suffering from and what does it do exactly?

Carrots (as they do in real life) and other vegetables, probably… Let me check…

I would suggest the use of multivitamin, though.

Not sure how to interpret the values (I think it’s % of daily dose?), but here we go:
Highest amount of Vitamin A can be found in curry (178), followed by haggis (144) and ant egg (108).
Other than that, chicken and dumplings (81), meat soup (80), raw liver/liver & onions/fried liver (75), canned veggy (73), carrot (63), tofu fried rice (61), V8 (60) and pumpkin (58) also offer good amounts of Vitamin A.

It’s quite possible that some of these values are off, since it usually depends on the base ingredients.

I recently had this issue and found that dehydrated vegetables were a good supplement to my MRE diet. I don’t remember how much Vit A dehydrated dandelions give but it’s quick and easy.

It’s funny because when I play it’s always calcium deficiency and vitamin A excess. But I mostly eat veggies which are all good more vitamin A, for the most part, dandelions are pretty good.

Thanks for all the replies, i guess i’ll find an anthill and get some eggs, veggies are a no no :slight_smile:

Yea I have finally survived all the way into like day 10 of summer or something like that, and not only do I keep getting messages that Im not getting enough calorie dense food but now Im also suffering vitamin A deficiency and it says my eyesight will suffer. I swear NOTHING ever goes right in this game lol.

As far as I’ve found, the calorie issue is solved in a way I think isn’t exactly intuitive, namely to keep stuffing you character with food whenever you can, i.e. even when not hungry, as it seems food is processed faster that way. That assumes you eat stuff with at least a decent amount of calories, as you can’t eat enough pine needles.

Also, cook raw food, but - unless that fix was merged - don’t cook stuff with low calories that are otherwise safe to eat, as it takes more calories to cook them as you’ll gain from cooking them.

So, good to cook/process are meats and fats, but eat veggys (with the exeption of wild vegetables - parasites!) raw.
If you can, deep freeze wild vegetables to kill parasites without cooking.

As a level 7 cook in real life I like to cook my old veggys and make soup with eggs in it or lentils in it much like CDDA.

In game, deluxe eggs I found works well to get extra calories and isn’t too filling. fiddle heads on the other hand I find take oddly long to cook compare to real life and are very low in calories unless cooked with oil but take even longer to cook. Plus they’re extremely filling as well. This is nothing like real life, they are very easy to cook, just finding nonpoisonous fiddle heads is tricky and they’re only good when they’re sprouts before they turn into leafs. I love the flavor, they’re taste and smell like fresh out forest greens, I only get to eat them only one year.

Getting a canning pot I feel is one of the best ways to stock up on food. Mix that with a farm and you’ll be eating like a king in no time. This is why carnivore seems very bad IMO, maybe one of the worse mutation in the game. Plus I don’t think raising life stock is implemented yet, is it? Plus they run the risk of get kill by monsters.

Canning stuff is a good way to preserve things, but it eats glass jars like crazy, although you can empty ones you find containing rotten stuff.
As far as I understand raising livestock is present, at least to some extent. I’m playing 0.E2 stable, and there are chicken all over the place (but a full butchery of a mature hen only yielded two measly scraps of meat, which I guess is about the real life amount of the chicken wings). I’ve seen that a bug resulting in huge number of puppies being squashed, but pigs are supposedly possible to tame only while piglets, which indicates birth of piglets, and I believe cows, horses, and sheep can give birth as well (although none of the horses, sheep, or cows I’ve collected have given birth, nor have I seen a puppy, from my dogs or any other).
I’ve gotten at least two turkeys contained, laying eggs, although I haven’t yet tried butchering any of them, given the discouraging result of the hen butchery).

Also, if you don’t mind tainted meat (or there’s a way to “purify” it) there’s more than enough around. Even if you shy away from zombie meat there are still giant insects, so leaving a hive around ought to keep you fed as a carnivore.
And, surprisingly, killed Gracken can be butchered for normal meat.

…Only that you (usually) don’t burn up 468* kcal of body fat while cooking your soup in real life (unless you somehow make a workout out of it)…
*Assuming you cook your soup for 1 hour.

As far as I know, it is, at least partially. Never tried it though.

I’ve just skimmed the thread so I might be wrong but it seems that the most important info was missing: vitamin defficiencies are purely cosmetic they don’t actually do anything. So it’s good to avoid them to be ready when this gets fixed, but currently deficiencies won’t affect you.

I didn’t look at my stats to verify but i reached the point where my status display says poor vision after neglecting my vitamins, maybe cosmeticaly is there but stat wise it does nothing yet?

Yep, there might be a third party mod that add some penalty though, something like pk rebalance

*cough* cookies *cough*

That’s probably due to either your tools, your butchery setup, or more likely poor skills. Chickens should give more meat than that if your character knows what he’s doing.
Raising cattle for beef is pretty solid btw. You need a couple of smoking racks and maybe a root cellar to get all the butchery product preserved before it starts to turn, though.

The thing is that I used a meat cleaver, rope, canvas, and have fairly decent skills (I think). Cooking 8, Survival 6, although the First Aid is only 3, but I think that applies to dissection rather than butchery.

I’ve got 3 smoking racks, but need more for the farm production. I haven’t got any root cellar, but I’ve got 3 fridges and one freezer, with the aim to improve that. There’s not much need for intermediate storage when poultry is involved, however, as you can “slaughter” to fit your ability to process the meat.
However, I’m still processing the deer I found munching on my crops: I dehydrated the meat, and is in the slow process of turning it into pemmican, so meat is not an immediate concern.

Will a root cellar that I dig/create preserve food better than using the basement of the starting bunker?

How was the corpse’s condition before it was butchered? Overkill can reduce the amount of materials returned from processing a corpse, if I recall correctly. If the chicken-in-question was “mangled” or something of the sort, I’d understand getting very little meat from it even with those skills and tools.

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