Virus in the launcher

so since I have not only been gone for a while I also changed and upgraded computers and have recently opted to get the launcher again. but my anti virus stuff detects a Sever Trojan virus in the most recent launcher.

oh… thanks
at least that means I can use the lancher
know if only I knew how to do the whole add the launcher binary thing

The exact procedure is largely dependent on which anti virus program you’re using. Basically, you want to find the quarantine section which should contain the launcher executable file and find the option to add an exception or allow this file. I really can’t explain it better than the faq, sorry.

Alternatively, use an older version. I haven’t bothered to update since 1.4.2 or maybe its 1.4.3.

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security had detected HEUR:Trojan-Banker.Win32.Emotet.pef in the main executable of version 10534. Version 10376 has no problem.

huh, this explains why my launcher keeps deleting itself.

Our digital security engineer approved this is a new harmware

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Which versions contain the trojan? I don’t know how yo check and I don’t trust my antivirus.


but that and the previous version crash to desktop with this kind of error log

CDDA Game Launcher version: 1.4.7

OS: Windows-10-10.0.18362-SP0 (64-bit)

Type: <class ‘ValueError’>

Value: Humanization of the ‘weeks’ granularity is not currently translated in the ‘it’ locale. Please consider making a contribution to this locale.


File “cddagl\ui\views\”, line 774, in timeout

File “lib\site-packages\arrow\”, line 1053, in humanize

Really? lol

Its a heuristic, its a false positive. The code is open-source at

Can your “digital security engineer” confirm where in this freely available code the “harmware” is?


A.k.a windows defender lol

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Wanted to play CDDA after an update. Couldn’t start launcher an thought antivirus ate it, checked quarantine, logs, nothing. Reinstalled, saw windows defender popup.

One time Win defender decides to do something, it fails miserably.

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I tried to bluff it was a false positive, but he told me it is a harmware recently announced by Information Security Competency Center of Rosenergoatom Concern. I did not specify any more so as not to attract additional attention. So I give you the information “as is”

PS forgive my poor English (little practice) if I was not clear enough that the virus was not in the launcher, but in the game.exe

Eh, government agency. Be glad they don’t count Wordpad as a virus because it can change text files.


This reminds me of that time when Windows Defender detected Windows OS as a threat…
Lesson learned: Never install the newest Windows updates at the moment they are pushed out.
Not sure if it was Windows XP or Vista, but man, that was a hell of a ride.

Although… I mean… Windows Defender probably wasn’t that wrong…