Virgil Armaments Corporation (VAC)

Drawing heavy inspiration from Rivet having some of her fictional weapons being produced by a fictional company named Rivtech, the new fictional weapons I will be making and trying to get merged into the main game will be produced by the company Virgil Armaments Corporation (VAC for short).

What does this entail? Well, I think it would be awesome to have well defined, large weapon manufacturing corporations who compete being part of our apocalypse world. Well you know, before the apocalypse. Not like there is anyone around to produce new weapons lol.

Planned VAC Additions:

[ul][li]A line of weapons, some using conventional, large bore ammo and some using a unified proton charge[/li]
[li]VAC Private Security equipment; including but not limited to uniforms and specialized armaments[/li]
[li]Dead VAC Security members found around like soldiers and scientists (MAYBE)[/li]
[li]A corporation building (MAYBE)[/li]
[li]A bit of flavor/lore describing the company, IE: leaflets, computer entries and special items[/li][/ul]

A Brief History of Virgil Armaments Corp.

After the rise of private security firms in action in the Middle East and Africa, producers of armaments for said firms rose in demand. While many corporations just bought the rights to other weapons and munitions to produce their own, VAC created it’s very own from scratch. No weapon or other equipment made by VAC takes inspiration from already existing stuff. This contributed to the corps success. VAC specializes in personal defense weapons and clothing for the average fighting man. This means that our weapons will be economical and streamlined. It means that our uniforms are made for function and not style. Our body armor is made to be comfortable and easy to use, not flashy and hindering. At VAC we take pride in our careful tests and procedures before we send a armament to the production line. That’s what separates us from the other companies vying for our glory. Because at VAC, we care.

Well I could see you two as ultra competitive corporations. Plus with npc quests to go into one of the factories/offices and steal stuff. Also, why am I never noticing any girls here aside from Poulbing and my newest known one, Rivet.

Uh, Ninja? That link I posted for Clayton wasn’t reserved for xyr.

Stealthy Terrorist Enterprise Assault Launchers

My own personal super American stealth weapons manufacturing. We produce silencers, silenced firearms (quieter than home-job silencers), and RPG/Rocket launcher production.

Seems a good business. Why not?! LET’S ALL HAVE A COMPANY!

Rivtech’s three named products are all oversized guns that use special, rare ammunition.

I’ve got my niche: the overkill gun market.

My company will produce tanks and stealth bombers.
Expect to see those on streets soon.

Plus my limited edition modern hand cannons that shoot everything that fits in the barrel.
Plus my 50 cal bolt action pistol and my pump action rifle and my machine shotgun and my rocket-proof vests.

Perhaps, if you’re eager to create a franchise that builds a complete array of armaments, you should have a proprietary, in-game item featured. Like the existing two-way radio, only with a back lid imprint that reads the name of the company, and factory’s hometown?

I would be disappointed to look at my Remington and see “made in China” , so yes we will make all weapons to have “made by Rivtech”.

I might make my low quality makeshift weapons company LACP (Licensed Armaments for Cheap People) :stuck_out_tongue:

LACP has taken its first steps to duct taping its way to victory.

So the Sticky Bomb has finally pushed its way into Cataexistence? :stuck_out_tongue:

For the sake of Odin, please don’t have cheesy, immersion breaking company names.

Who determines what’s immersion breaking? Frankly, I think modders naming companies after themselves is far more immersion breaking.