Rivtech Facility

Now that multi-tile buildings are in, I thought I would try my hand at making one. There is a lot of corporations, but no physical presence, so I aim to fix that. First I am going to start with Rivtech, as it seems to be the most prolific.

Here is a rudimentery scetch: http://i.imgur.com/F5vYy9h.jpg (I am not that good as ASCII art, but I thought it would be cool to have the logo on the factory floor.)

Size: 3x3 building(a basement can be added later.)
Difficulty: Mid-to-late game
Reasons to go there: Rivtech items, gunmaking equipment, and good base position.
Reasons to stay away: Powerful enemies.

Enemies: Higher-tier robots, that are not really seen in game(Tankbot, I might have to make some more powerful robots), Rivtech zombies wearing powered armor.

Two types of new zombies:
Rivtech zombie: wears RM13 powered armour, but it is not powered, so it moves slower, and has less protection.
Rivtech powered-armor zombie: a shocker-type zombie that powers the RM13 armor, so it moves faster, and is a lot tougher.

Input would be appreciated…

The rivtech splash across the floor seems a bit unnecessary. I think the place should be made a factory type, with conveyors and racks of random parts in the main room, and the side rooms would be some offices and a room for the finished guns and ammo.

If someone ever played perfect dark, when need something like the datadyne hq for Rivtech. Basically, a massive skyscraper with a weapon development laboratory on its basement. It should be the kind of thing to add once we have sky levels.

I thought it might be too much.

As for factory parts, I was planning to add some, since I took some courses in Electrical Engineering technology, I know what goes in factories.
Sidetrack:One of the items I plan to add is the PLC(programmable logic controller), the centerstone of industrial work. Basically how it works(i’m a little rusty), you hook up wires to the IN side and depending on how you programmed it, it will transmit different electrical signals on the OUT end(I/O). The PLC can be programmed via computer or the one I worked on had a screen in which you could program it. For my final project, I programmed a stop light that would turn from green to yellow, and then to red.
As long as you had the right stuff, and skills, you could setup your own factory.

Actually, positive z levels do work-I just tested it-the game spits out a debug message(empty map), but after that you can travel on the positive z level fine. You could fill the space around the building with empty void, a la missile silo, and I see in the new json point-map system, to create a basement you just do -1, so theoretically you could put a skyscraper in. I went to 3 positive z-levels just fine, you would just have to suppress the debug message…


Well, the problem with z levels is the things don’t keep moving in the other z levels, or are updated correctly. Like explosions, for example.

I love the idea of a Rivtech factory.

I actually like the idea of the company name on the floor. Rivtech seems like the type of megalomaniac company that would love to throw their name on everything. What I don’t like though is the shape. It’s going to be a nightmare making decent looking rooms and walls in that.

Eh, Rivet does seem the type.

Yeah, we need a better shape. How about the general outline of the office tower? I think that’d be great with some modifying.

Eh, Rivet does seem the type.[/quote]


Eh, Rivet does seem the type.[/quote]


You can’t say that you didn’t put a reference to your name in Rivtech!

I think the logo is too much. Maybe only using the RT letters should be more than ok.
It should have a cool entrance, but the back should look like a good factory. And it’s a weapon factory, so it’s really well secured!

That’s my idea.

I never did. I’m not particularly creative when it comes to things like that and it was expedient.

Factory ought to be larger than an office building. Folks have been debating making assembly lines, etc; I imagine that the CVD unit in the lab finale is a good starting point.

Couple thoughts:
Rivtech firearms & ammo are Proprietary. Their production facilities ought to be pretty secure; automated versions of their product might not be out of the question.

Rivtech has a consumer-products division. If dodging 8mm caseless turrets isn’t feasible for your character, you might still be able to load up a few pallet loads of atomic energy drink, that atomic coffee maker you always dreamed of owning but could never afford, and enough atomic nightlights that you’d never worry about lighting your underground base again.

(Plutonium cells could likely be found in the supply lines. Not sure about iodine.)

I’m not sure where Rivtech would locate their plants; it’s possible that they’re someplace outside the scope of DDA. That’s not my call to make. (But a factory would ruin the “Rivtech is Rare” balancing factor.)

The critters certainly seem interesting, though I’m not sure the RM13 would be available to every guard on the floor. Extant zed-scientists would likely be present in the R&D sections, for instance. Tankbots might be present both as a security measure and as test subjects: just how effective is the LMG?


Reference to one’s name != megalomania. There’s a difference between “This needs a name and I don’t have any ideas, may as well put my mine on it” and “I am KA101, best contributor ever! Look on my works, ye n00b, and despair!”

Eh, Rivet does seem the type.[/quote]


Riv plz jk forgiv

Seriously, I was joking… Sorry if it didn’t come out that way.

I dunno about Rivet’s personality, but Rivtech’s brand strategy is clearly and obviously “one brand fits all”.

I never did. I’m not particularly creative when it comes to things like that and it was expedient.[/quote]
The thought never actually occurred-the image design on the floor was corporate branding, something that all corporations do.

The facility should be tough enough to breach that you would have to pay the price to get your hands on Rivtech’s goodies. I could make the facility bigger, but I didn’t want to bite off more than I can chew, as I have a job that takes up a fair bit of time.

no offense, but it looks more like a doom level than a proper arms facility

more like doom boss map but its nice for rivtech office floor armory or lab

Offense taken. For the Doom thing.


Just to comment. I’ve done sales in factories before. To be honest, while some of them are huuuuuuuuuuge - most are actually smaller then office buildings. Office buildings tend to have multiple stories, while factories occupy a larger amount of space (slightly) but have only one floor. They have huge open areas which make them look and feel larger then they tend to be. I mean, some can be huge; but C&C machines are surprisingly compact. 2/3rds of the last one I worked in had nothing in it, and it produced lab equipment to go across the world.

Now that Z-level basic work(and assorted bugs), its back to Rivtech. I redesigned the facility to be 5x5. with a new sketch:

The blue and white checkerboard is just so i can see the grid more clearly, for symmetrical purposes.