Legal Armaments for Cheap Prices (LACP)

Heyo I figured since I’m helping to make VAC and Rivtech to become full lore based things in cataclysm I should make my own sort of funny joke company.

LACP specializes in making weapons quickly, cheaply, and effectively. Mass production is our game, our weapons have been shown to be up to par (in accuracy) to both Rivtech and VAC and cheaper. LACP weapons are much easier to find then those VAC and Rivtech guns just drop on by your nearest gun store and buy one today.

Short little history:LACP started out as simply a man in his basement who after “borrowing” the brand new laser pistol blueprints and he managed to build one out of common materials of course it wasnt as good as professional grade stuff but the people fell in love with this new tech and looked for the fastest producer. LACP slowly began to grow and expanded to a large empire having a big pull in the armament industry. When the cataclysm happened LACP like all things crumbled but rumor has it the CEO is still alive in the first factory. Due to the large amount of LACP weapons produced they are much more available then the other brands during the cataclysm.

My current plan is to make a set of books which teach you how to make LACP style guns and you can still find some LACP guns in shops and stuff (Due how easy it is to make them)

Since everybody’s doing it , i will make my own company QHPC (Quality Hydroulic Propulsion Cannons).
Basically my company will produce hand cannons from materials like carbon , steel and diamonds.
The weapons will propell water at ridiculous speeds (5km/h) and will make all the chicks wet in your town.

Actually I was the one who helped the 2 original people with the ideas for their companys :stuck_out_tongue: So I figure I got a reason and all my stuff actually is going to happen (I gots me a gameplan :P)

Wooo Just finished up the LACP laser smg and laser revolver and I feel really good about both tomorrow ill work on crafting recipes and the books that contain them.

Well thank you so much for putting that idea in their heads. Am I the only one who thinks this is a disturbing trend?

Before this goes any further I’d like to point out that the entire existence of ‘Rivtech’ is within the description text of a couple of the fictional guns that I’ve contributed for inclusion at the behest of Nickboom. Since most of the other guns make some attempt to provide a simple history in their description I made something up for the sake of verisimilitude. I have made no more attempt to impose any new concepts on the game’s lore other than the addition of a few near-future type guns and gun-like-things and the ability to cook SPAM or start with a skirt instead of pants.

Remember that the developers are still in control of this project and they’ve never shown any inclination to suddenly start accepting every half-baked idea that comes down the pike.

In fact it wouldn’t hurt if everybody here started contributing so that they have more stuff to choose from when it comes to including community generated content. The more good stuff there is for them to select from and work with, the more good stuff we’ll see in-game!

I don’t know about that. While they certainly do inspect the ideas for balance and obviously to test if they work, I’d say some of the CBMs I made were “half-baked,” in all honesty (I didn’t expect Railgun to go in, that was half joke, half test). I don’t think their standards are as stringent as people would expect. This probably has something to do with encouraging contributions (if my first CBM mod had been rejected, I wouldn’t have bothered to submit any further).

I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the game had a modular mod framework (I’m sure that’s in the works since it’s been suggested before to have separate mod folders, but right now everything goes straight into mainline). Right now, I get this nagging impression that people are trying to “claim territory” by getting their mods (and names, if they follow this trend) integrated into mainline. I’d hate to see this game devolve into Twitter Days Ahead (I don’t actually use Twitter, so I have no idea if that’s an accurate analogy, but I hope you get the idea).

Actually Im using LACP just as a thing to differentiate between the cheapo/craftable guns from the professional grade stuff.

/my opinion/
The game is kind of serious and i think we shouldn’t overshoot with future technologies.
Yeah the game is set in the future , but as we all can see , the future is usually not as we predict and adding generic “laser SMG” or “laser handgun” would just break the atmosphere for me and take the game one step away from realism.
I love the game because everything is so detailed and is either from real life or has a strong place in the lore.
Don’t get me wrong , but i think Rivet had his original idea (if im not wrong) and it was cool , but when everyone does the same it just gets sad.

That’s why i don’t add my own stuff to the game.
Im afraid of my own judgement.

Then I invite you to look at my items, because I didnt just go DERHER LASERS. I took time to test and tweak each gun to fit its needs. Also its pretty clear they had laser weapons for a good bit while plasma was brand new. Meaning it makes sense for them to have newer guns. Now I’m honestly thinking about removing the LACP stuff and just making it to Makeshift because that makes more sense. Also the Smg and Revolver are getting a name change to RMC (I think thats it) and heavy laser pistol respectively.

What…have…I…started… D: